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  1. If you aren't part of the D&Co Discord server, you should be. So many fun housing discussions and screenshots.

  2. I've got that on my champ and may never take it off. I'm surprised I don't see it more often.

  3. Turns out if you do /sit near his throne, you sit on the throne displacing him. Who knew coups were so easy?

  4. I knew you could /sit in certain chairs, but I didn't know you could steal them from others.

  5. Many people who are into decorating would like the option to own multiple classic houses. Many of those people also have multiple accounts for that purpose, which seems tedious to me. I saw someone suggest that the limitation on classic houses was from back in the day when more people were playing and buying houses. Now that less people are on, there are enough vacancies to warrant one account multiple houses. I also suspect that premium houses are a way for SSG to make money, either by being VIP for the monthly LP or buying mithril.

  6. As a pittie owner and volunteer with a local bully breed rescue, I do not agree with all the comments suggesting that they are aggressive. You are more likely to get a lap dog who wants to play with everyone if he develops normal pittie traits. With a mixed breed, I wouldn't focus too much on what is "normal" for those breeds and just focus on your dog, since they will be unique. The worst of those breeds is the Chow, which can be standoffish. My two cents would be to not try and mold your dog into something you want (i.e., if you want a dog that you can take to restaurants and breweries so you bombard them with social encounters) and work on key skills instead, then let the dog's own personality decide the rest. Obviously, it is still important to socialize your dog so they know how to behave in different situations, but if they become uncomfortable or don't seem to enjoy being around other dogs/people as they get older, don't push it. As previously mentioned, dogs tend to become more selective as they get older. Teaching impulse control and basic obedience is a great starting point.

  7. That's not even remotely true. Everyone assumes any dog attack is a "pit bull" and they get misidentified by people who don't know the breed.

  8. I'm not sure what you did wrong, because they work for the reward track. They no longer give xp for your LI, like the old system, and are solely used for the reward system. This is gonna sound dumb, but did you open the correct panel to check the progress?

  9. So really outside later is basically, go to your crate and chill out lol.. we say go home.. glad you found your language with your furry kid

  10. Similarly, we say "go lay down", which means to go find the nearest bed and stop bothering us (like a "place" command).

  11. Cucumbers like a lot of water, peppers do not! Let the soil dry a bit between waterings. If you can feel moisture one inch below the surface, you don't need to water.

  12. Thank you, I just learned this the other day! I had been watering the peppers every day, but now I am monitoring the soil more.

  13. What zone are you in? IMHO peppers are one of the hardest. They’re just picky. I’ve had years where I get 100s and years where nothing takes.

  14. 4b. I'm hoping to get actual crops, but it's more of a learning experience this year.

  15. The game is celebrating it's 15 year anniversary this year. If you've been away that long, it's basically a new game. Do whatever areas you want. The LI system is completely different, but once you get used to it it's pretty simple. Mounted combat is worthless.

  16. That's awesome! I'd love to make a mosaic tile piece.

  17. I think you've been staring at it for too long. You really won't see much of the Aida when it's all done, and it certainly won't distract you from the image.

  18. This is giving me so many feels 💜 The colors are beautiful and it's so well done!

  19. Your blends are so good! I'm trying to learn how to do this now and it's harder than it looks.

  20. It blows my mind how creative some people are. I'd never think to try this, and it looks so cool!

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