1. 5th looks more like a character from Magi

  2. That’s post Sinbad training Ichigo with a djinn equip infused bankai.

  3. I’ve always liked it, has that big JOBA energy

  4. I feel you, sometimes I get really into it. I generally start healing once my hp dips around half or less.

  5. Tamers 2, but it gets tied in with witchelny and we see MedievalGallantmon

  6. I never unboxed mine. Who’s the guy on the back of the shirt btw?

  7. I think you mean the couch, i saw it as a face for the longer time

  8. Deadass? I’ve been thinking it’s a face too lmao.

  9. Pretty cool! The pilot reminds me of Garrod Ran a bit.

  10. There are a lot of people out there who claim that the guy who created the BMI scale was racist and thus it's a racist measure. I don't know know enough about the guy who created the scale to debate whether or not he was racist, most likely he held the prevailing racial beliefs that people of his time(late 19th century) did, however it's unlikely he developed the BMI system to be explicitly racist. At the time most non-white people were very skinny owing to not having enough money to buy proper food and working grueling manual labor jobs.

  11. If I remember correctly, BMI was said to be a racially biased scale due to the healthy/unhealthy ranges making more sense for folks from European descent. Whereas people from other ethnicities, for example black folks, are still healthy despite having a higher BMI. Therefore, the BMI scale is not universal and classifying someone as obese can be inaccurate depending on their race…or something to that extent. I would have to re-read up on it again though.

  12. Same, btw Have you checked out her other series orient? It’s great and seems a bit generic from the start but it’s pretty good. Downside with it is that the English translations are in a bit of a hiatus and the English fan translations are 16 months behind the Japanese raws.

  13. I started the anime. It’s pretty slow and yeah a little more generic. I do like it tho, and will probably get into the manga once I’m caught up haha.

  14. Tbh I actually quite reccomend the manga more for orient. Considering the art is reallly good. The

  15. Ohhh that looks good! I’ll definitely keep up with the manga thanks.

  16. theyre adorable! but i would definitely think 'ditto' way before id associate these with a squirtle theme

  17. I had the same thought til I saw the next slide has bubbles and a tiny squirtle

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