1. I’m still trying to figure out if Kendall wanted to vote with S and S to fuck the deal, and break Logan’s spirt, or if he really felt there was room to negotiate with Madssen. If it’s the former, then isn’t he fucking himself and jeopardizing the Pearce deal? He seemed awfully pleased with himself at the end of the episode.

  2. There are also plenty of people who aren't watching right now because they don't want to see the same people every day. Completely agree about it all being subjective though. I don't think Nick Chavez is an "amazing" actor at all. He graduated from the Wes Ramsey School of Overacting.

  3. Agree to totally disagree. He’s one of the best on the show!

  4. I just love the way she keeps him in line. She’s able to temper his worst instincts and entitlement and keeps reminding him of what’s important. Just love their chemistry.

  5. Audra. If Elena couldn’t take Nate’s bad behaviour she can’t handle Adam.

  6. Loved seeing Christine’s wrath. I hope she nails Phyllis to the wall. I really responded to what Lilly said about personal accountability.

  7. I’ve been fast forwarding through this week a lot

  8. Yes!!! Can’t watch Portia go on and on about Spencer, Joss going on and on about Dex, BrookLyn( snore), Sonny proposing to Nina ( yuck). The only fun has been Tracy interrogating Chase, Gladys spinning her wheels, Selena (this is extremely disappointing), Sasha and Cody. I am a couple of days behind so haven’t seen NuMolly or NuKristina yet.

  9. There is absolutely zero point of Esme being on the show unless she’s a villian.

  10. I like her as a young mother who wants to do the best for her son but doesn’t know what that is. Her wanting to skip town is getting a bit old. Let’s move on from that and focus on her trying to build a life but getting in her own way.

  11. Lucy needs to apologize to Valentine and Anna (Ice Princess stuff, her ego to be at the NB).

  12. No. Laura Wright IS Carly. I can’t imagine another person in the role, past or future. I love Carly. I really don’t understand the hate. She’s always interesting and a true leading lady. I will say though that I miss her and Jason. SB made her even better.

  13. Summer is going to get with Chance once Kyle freezes her out.

  14. Just about anything can happen. Heck it could be a video proclaiming he’s alive and he was faking when Valentin made his little speech with a whole…

  15. Nope. She's going to be all "you and me against the world" when Phyllis is back. Down the road, possibly, but that's going to take some time.

  16. When it comes to grief, that is often a true statement

  17. The hypocrisy is real folks! That was the most stupid line I ever heard.

  18. I thought sprina was cute in the beginning but I can’t get passed the lies and manipulative behaviors in the beginning of their relationship

  19. Wow that’s a lot! Maybe you should be one of the writers.

  20. Robert: Gimme a break here. It's the writers. They write me to be a buffoon.

  21. I’m liking how confused is. It’s fun watching his head spin.

  22. Didn’t Malcolm raise Nate? Surprised to see Nate leave before Malcolm

  23. I don’t see what was wrong with what Willow said to Nina. She wasn’t a bitch about it, just wants some peace whether she makes it or not. I would like her to say the same thing to Carly but I’m not going to get upset with the interaction with Nina.

  24. Oh God no! She would have stopped every few mi ties to have a sob fest.

  25. The weather machine comeback was ridiculous. I was so irritated at the thought they’d bring it back, and then thrilled that Laura stopped it with the code. Let that be it please.!! We shouldn’t have to revisit a storyline from 40 years ago and repeat it. LAME. As for the Haunted Star, it’s a fitting way to bring it to a close. Hopefully Spencer made it out and dove into the freezing water. Gives a interesting possibility that Victor somehow lives through it and can come back to wreak havoc later. Love CS’ portrayal of him, but it would be good to have a break for several months.

  26. Where the hell IS Taggert with Trina being kidnapped. They needed to bring him back in for this, at the very least to deal with Portia’s incessant crying.

  27. Never mind team Carly or team Nina, LW and CE are both outstanding actresses and their scenes are epic!!

  28. My whole issue with these apologies is that Nina was nasty to willow 100 times over. Forget about Carly for just a minute.

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