1. Horseshoe Bar (bar tabac) is in a lot of shows and is associated with Hells Kitchen. It's on Ave B and 7th st.

  2. Avenue B and associated with hells kitchen???

  3. This is like Jerry's one shirt that makes me feel uncomfortable/is out of alignment with his style.

  4. Yeah this was high fashion in the late 90s.

  5. Phantom of the Opera. Rejection does not give a person a free pass to manipulate someone into loving him or her. Don't get me wrong; I don't hate him- in fact, I sympathize with him because no one likes rejection and abuse, of course. Boy, is the musical character a hero compared to his portrayal in the book, though, and the character is actually far darker than any adaptation may be able to portray accurately! (Not to knock on Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber, of course; I'm just stating that the Phantom is far darker than I think anyone would be able to capture completely.)

  6. I went to go see phantom of the Opera and I was 99% unfamiliar with the plot. I honestly couldn't figure out who I was supposed to be rooting for within the confines of the play

  7. I think the only place you'd have a realistic problem would be right at the end or beginning, everywhere else the cones are only half of the road, not the whole thing

  8. I've experienced something very very similar to this and I'm going through it right now. What did you decide to do?

  9. Give people your phone number, don't ask for theirs.

  10. Do you think individual chickens have personalities?

  11. I wonder how common that color and style combination of neon lettering is in NYC. Could it be considered iconic?

  12. I feel like we probably think it's iconic because it's on monks and this liquor store sign but an everyday person might not

  13. Dude I can’t handle online dating or being online in general . I will swipe not expecting a match but when I do I start to panic which kills all conversations I have with people. I hate my brain for doing this to me.

  14. The only solution for this is exposure therapy, as I learned myself. Swipe on people that you might not be 100% interested in but help you practice talking to people so that when somebody who matters comes along you're ready.

  15. I didn’t get the 4 birth certificates joke. And don’t call me girly

  16. At the beginning of the episode Sona says her dad has two birthdays

  17. Giving someone a specific hobby to ask about is better than expecting them to ask 'tell me what hobbies you have'

  18. Maybe I should just try it this way. But I also don't want to copy my Intersts which are standing a line below, like Fine Arts, Cooking, Martial Art, etc. It would be nearly the same. Isn't this kinda superfluous or do I not see a solution?

  19. I'd probably just take out the line about multiple hobbies then.

  20. And the coffee table is very '80s, like you found most of these items on the curb. Replace that with something modern and it won't look so bad.

  21. Are we gonna get to a point where getting railed by a dude doesn't make you gay??

  22. Check the subreddit you're in right now

  23. You know what I bet you could get your money back if you complained. Email them!

  24. https://www.instagram.com/tv/ChLOjx8sGX2/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  25. Lol no I'm pretty sure you are. It's a free show. Laugh, have a good time, see Stephen do his stuff, and go home. What's the difference.

  26. Thanks for the great feedback. It is crazy what you could see from my pictures only.

  27. You should DM her and see if you're nearby. She's obviously attracted to you

  28. The photos you're using make your eyes seem really far apart. Choose photos that don't make it seem that way and you'll have a better time.

  29. There are safety factors involved in structural design, so this pool was not in any immediate danger of collapsing the structure. It's just a really bad idea and nothing good will come out of it long term.

  30. I don't know - it could have been an immediate danger. Your test, which I'm familiar with, is 4 in of water and this is two and a half more feet on top of that.

  31. Extreme how? Wanting children? Yes, they probably do. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  32. Yeah CF is almost the norm here in NYC

  33. That would seem unreasonable given the mechanics of BttF time travel

  34. Yes this is correct. In bttf changes only happen when they "happen", and so although I do personally prefer movies where everything that has happened in the past had already happened the 'first' time through, that is definitively not how bttf mechanics works.

  35. A girl I ended it with tried the "leave behind" method with her necklace. I returned it to her doorman lol

  36. If you ever notice, the paint color on Jerry’s wall changes about 5 times during the first couple of seasons. I’m assuming they were trying to get the lighting right?

  37. In universe, I suspect that's Jerry painting his walls.

  38. I think it would be distracting to watch the video, but not for a typical reason but because they get the benefit of trimming and cutting and cleaning it up for the audio format. I suspect the video format is a lot rougher and even the video clips that they post they have to produce in order to post them

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