23-year-old Mohsen Shekari was executed today. he was a protester who got arrested 75 days ago in Satarkhan Street of Tehran.

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  1. Still have no idea why you think the stories are fake. Seen zero evidence for that. The fact that you have not been euthanized by the Canadian govt yet yourself (not for lack of trying with the covid shots) doesnt prove anything

  2. Allow me to explain, then, why this woman (and you) are full of shit.

  3. Wasn't Jimmy hilariously mocked and called out on his take on Venezula everywhere? With MAx going to a a well off beighbor and saying " look all grocery stores are stocked!"

  4. What an ignorant cuck. You decide to ignore all the reasons I mentioned for my claim and decide to bring your funny ass out again. Pathetic! "BUt fOr YEars I'vE paRroTeD tHaT US wANts A ReGiMe cHaNge in IrAn eVeN thOughT. I DoNt cArE aBoUt yOur ReaSons"

  5. Calm down, you'll give yourself a heart attack. Gotta be careful these days, after all those boosters, people are dropping like flies.

  6. He called out Musk personally. Musk is notoriously thin-skinned.

  7. In a shock to no one Trump’s organization was guilty of tax crimes just like every large corporation

  8. The Trump org is actually remarkably clean if those charges were all they could find on him with years of investigation with unlimited resources. FFS he was tearing down rent-controlled apartments in NYC and that's all they could find?

  9. I am very, very disappointed. They didn't mention that he bought a house! A house! That proves he's a grifter!

  10. Do trolls not understand the concept of 'paragraphs'?

  11. I listen to Jimmy to get what I thought I was getting from Jon Stewart back in the day. A left-leaning critique of domestic politics, from someone who actually has a heart and cares about people.

  12. Do you actually think people here were upset that Trump tried to end the Afghanistan war?

  13. No I think you ignore that he didn’t and ignore that Biden did. Can you read?

  14. Your cartoon doesn't make any sense. Dems prevented Trump from ending the war, then under Biden did a completely unplanned pullout that they now refuse to talk about.

  15. That's a pretty restrained response from the guy they tried to blame for 'inciting' the attack.

  16. Before or after the Nazis murdered her 4 sons?

  17. Fake news. As a Canadian who has had relatives use our Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), the way US conservative media talk about this is complete fantasy.

  18. I really feel for the regular Ukrainians who were conscripted and sent to fight in this hell. But they literally have the solution in their hands. All they have to do is point their guns in the other direction.

  19. Jesus christ you trolls are fucking deluded. The Russians are just starting to warm up to the fight.

  20. The 2 drones that hit inside Russia (one on the base with all the nuclear bombs) apparently had their electronics upgraded by Raytheon.

  21. The workers of all the big unions are ready for 3rd party. It's the leadership of all these unions that are stabbing their members in the back and doing everything they can to prevent their members from functionally organizing.

  22. These 'hit pieces' should be set to a roadrunner/Wiley E Coyote cartoon. Or maybe Elmer Fudd hunting that wascally wabbit.

  23. If only propaganda affected the conditions on the front, USA would win every war it fought, instead of losing every major contest since WW2 (Japan).

  24. It's obvious they're collaborating with States, intelligence agencies, political parties, NGOs, just about anyone really, who isn't on their shit list.

  25. Not sure how this works. If you make a bunch of militias in Ukraine that are even more Nazi than Azov, does that mean Azov is no longer far right, just right? Compared to the others, I mean?

  26. Much like US politics, you can't ascend to the top unless you ritually molest little kids.

  27. The point is to make people afraid and docile, not to stop terror attacks. That's why the FBI creates terror attacks instead of stopping them.

  28. Pshaw! That's nothing! I was in the hospital getting my leg amputed from a massive infection, and I still made it to work that day! Because I care!

  29. Indeed. Who is paying the OP to post pics of Russian shorthair cats? I know he says it's an American shorthair, and that's exactly what a RUSSIAN would say....

  30. Can we put him in charge? He already thinks he is, obviously.

  31. Perhaps if they'd prefaced the article by saying the vaccines are safe and effective, they might have gotten the rest past the censors?

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