1. I hate on places that people love. I think it's personal taste. I love the suburbs of Buffalo. I hate being in the city unless I have to.

  2. Hate the city but love the suburbs..you’re the problem

  3. Everything is closed. Why would anyone be on elmwood except to go to the coop just wondering

  4. I feel like that project is the biggest contractor heist in Buffalo history. I don’t see any progress being made

  5. Purely positive dog training is a joke. Like humans, dogs need adverses. Good luck and get a cat instead

  6. After the new gun laws kathy just signed no place in the state of NY is safe for a law abiding citizen but if your a criminal you are safer here than anywhere else

  7. Stop watching TV and leave the suburbs sometimes

  8. Deep South Taco. Great margs but everything else is subpar and everyone always wants to go there.

  9. It’s just not that good 80 dollar steak and frites should at least come with a compound butter

  10. Kalypso. Great and affordable Jamaican food. Takeout is my recommendation.

  11. Living in a stepford wives subdivision talking about your murdered out truck. illusions of grandeur

  12. I grew up in East Aurora, and I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. Both public and private schools are top-notch (my mom has taught at the high school for almost 25 years), the entire town is walkable, there's a great restaurant and brewery scene emerging, and there's virtually no crime. Literally the only crime I remember from growing up is when two people stole a bubble machine from Vidlers (the 5&10 store in town) and then brought it back because they felt bad. This was front page news on the weekly paper.

  13. I’ll PayPal or Venmo whoever can do it for me :)

  14. They talk about anti vaccine shit and conspiracy theories too much

  15. Did just spend any time on his anti-trans tirade, or was he actually funny?

  16. I think you missed the point... “Why is it easier for Bruce Jenner to change his gender than it is for Cassius Clay to change his name?”

  17. He is 74, and a legend of Australian Tattooing. Put some respect to his name.

  18. The schvitz closed. JCC has a great steam room. If you are talking about the gay ones there are some in Rochester and Toronto.

  19. Wine tasting night, wandering around the zoo. Kinda cheesy but fun.

  20. You’re the biggest hipster doomer on this sub bro. It’s fun, life needs cheese sometimes

  21. I mean it’s a good thread nothing crass was said

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