1. How come in these stories the trained medical professional (or thereabouts) always responds by freaking the fuck out, and generally acting like the sort of hysterical fuckwit who would get suckered into this nonsense to begin with? It's like giving someone a single paracetamol tablet, then freaking out because "it's lethal!!! (In high enough doses, shhhhhhhhhhhhh"

  2. Not that any of this could happen in the first place, but the correct response would be: "Vaccines? Oh, if they're in vaccines then it's such a tiny amount that it would not be harmful. You don't need to worry about these ingredients when they are in vaccines. Anything else I can do for you?".

  3. You should be able to sit still and not have a mini seizure from watching something uninteresting.

  4. Isn't the video sped up? Don't let the speed of the images fool you. He isn't having a seizure, he's fidgeting and spinning on his chair.

  5. This is racist no? How can Chinese as a people not do something other countries can do?

  6. It says "China tech" not Chinese people. China tech means the tech industry in China, which is not a race.

  7. This item was shared from social media, and as a result may not contain authoritative information. Please seek external verification or context as appropriate.

  8. I've heard religious people say before that it's linked to some sort of sacrifice.

  9. you're literally using science as a cope. I'm pretty damn sure most of the people who are doing this to their babies weren't doing it for scientific purposes in the first place. I fail to understand how you can support mutating baby genitalia in the name of science, without any consent whatsoever, yet be against kids willingly wanting to change their gender, cut their genitals and get on hormone blockers. I'm assuming you are against kids transitioning since you're conservative. Don't get me wrong, I am against both because kids cannot consent to either, I just don't see how you are against one but fully support another case of genital mutilation by using science as a cope. If you really think it's all that beneficial, let the kids decide for themselves when they grow older. Explain to them all the "benefits" (which is mostly propaganda driven) and then let them make the choice if they wanna chop off their foreskin or not.

  10. The "science/medical reasons" are nonsense. If someone wanted to find out if circumcision was good or bad, they would only need to check out developed countries where they are mostly intact (where there are no problems).

  11. On the ground. That's why they used the paper. I requested contactless delivery. The ground is dirty and they don't like leaving it on the ground. Most delivery people don't do this but some do. It's their own preference.

  12. Under the guidance of every 'expert' who was proven to be wrong on aspects of the vaccine, lockdown effectiveness, how effective masks were and so on.

  13. Lockdowns, masks and the vaccines helped, so it's not clear what you mean.

  14. All the companies looking at these expectations and rubbing their hands. We should be rioting but instead we’re saying we expect to keep paying more.

  15. Weird. I would have thought that "taking back control [at any cost]" would have left British people the most happy. 🤷‍♂️

  16. So the difference between a baby horse and a baby human is quite obvious, but what's the difference in what is going on in each being's brain?

  17. I feel the type of person who is going to shout at a woman in public about putting his dick in her ass, is not going to react well to having a bag of dog poop thrown in his face.

  18. Yeah. I don't think I've ever seen a "1 inch punch" where they didn't cock back very quickly, even Bruce Lee. (Bruce Lee's was actually probably more obvious than this guy's.)

  19. My gym has a sign that has says "No Guns Allowed on Premises". Every single time I am there I have to fight off the urge to walk in flexing and ask "where should I store these while I'm here?"

  20. It would be interesting to see what would happen if a shooter came into one of these places that says "no guns allowed" and started shooting, then someone took our their gun (that the owners would have rather they hadn't had on them) and put the shooter down.

  21. Headline : Fourteen restaurant patrons killed as diners open fire

  22. As usual, if you have to change the details, it's because you don't have any argument.

  23. If you have to leave a dog alone for any significant length of time, you probably shouldn't have one.

  24. What's quite amusing is the possibility that while Aurelius was saying all these wise and stoic things, because of the context, he may have actually been a complete mess and writing these things because it's how he wanted to be.

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