1. It’s basically becoming a fire-sale now… total panic

  2. FYI Barca can register some of their signings, but they want to do it all at once.

  3. Is there a benefit to all at once? One big lever instead of 7 small ones?

  4. Like would i need a ute to drive from seq to alice springs or the rock..

  5. Can someone show a picture of all these levers they pull? I’m intrigued now!

  6. Awesome! How do these rocks get so blue?

  7. How much is that for the season now? £300m?

  8. Or Liverpool; or City; or Fulham; or Everton; or maybe ….

  9. The bystander effect is real; but it is no excuse not to help when you know what the bystander effect is!

  10. Looks a bit dull; do they come in different colours?

  11. And the Mayor of this village lives in the beach house on the central island? Love it

  12. I’m glad they included a map of the area so we know what to avoid.

  13. Both of you should get a room and make up.

  14. Rather wait for Nike to develop a supercar….

  15. Wait till end of August when this ‘special’ ends so you can get it for a lower price again!

  16. And if they try to offer you Crypto, tell them to shove that too!

  17. We can potentially save 66 million in wages if we offload Frenkie, Pjanic, Neto, Umtiti and Memphis. Also we can save even more if we reduce Busquets and Alba's wages too

  18. You can save even more if you change the club into a beach volleyball club

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