1. The way Louis is isolating Tre. The brother and sister in law are gone. The best friend is gone. He’s moved his sisters into her life. You watch. The Ruelas family will be getting lots of camera time next season.

  2. Couldn’t the same thing be said about Melissa though? When her and Joe got together he stopped visiting his parents as much which created a rift between them, she also created issues between Joe and Teresa and they stopped talking and they moved their kids away from Teresa’s and put them in different schools, Melissa bringing her sisters around all the time and trying to get them on the show.

  3. I don’t believe this is the full story becuz Tre wld bring this up each and every time she wanted to zing Joe. I recall it being brought up awhile back but Tre wld shove this in all our faces endlessly. And Delores blurts things out too. I believe his father knew Joe needed Capital & helped him.

  4. I don’t think she would say things that would directly hurt her parents and tbf she never brings up much of anything on the show about the Gorgas, none of them do. Otherwise she could have thrown the less serious but true stories at them like Joe being banned from Home Depot or pretending to flip houses but for some reason the Gorgas are protected on the show.

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  6. Lizzo just had the #1 song & #1 album in the country I think about two-three weeks ago. How many other fat black women in the mainstream pop scene do you know that makes her presence easily not recognizable ? Because I can’t think of any. Beyoncé just shouted her out in the break my soul remix.

  7. Now that it’s not as common to sit and watch music videos on tv anymore I don’t think it’s that odd that people can’t put a face to a name especially if they’re not in to chart music. I’d have never of guessed this is Lizzo from this photo and I’m not even old.

  8. All the Gorgas’ unspoken issues: -Joe losing his parents’ house -The cheating -Melissa’s counterfeit Chanel products -The years of lawsuits (and judgments) against Joe -The alleged rape claims against Joe in college

  9. I know someone that knows Noel. He said that he’s a super nice guy and a really good artist who sells his stuff for a lot of $$$, and that he really hates all of the Housewife stuff

  10. I guess he’s never forgiven the show for broadcasting his breakdancing lessons

  11. I use coconut oil on my skin after I shower and my skin is super smooth and soft, I recommend it to everyone and they love it!

  12. I actually know people in production. Teresa did not have a private heart to heart with her brother about the state of his marriage. How would the “other” cast member know if Teresa dealt with it privately with her brother- sister to brother? Teresa has been talking about this issue publicly on camera for literally years now. Do you even watch the show? She’s more vile off camera when she knows she’s not being recorded.

  13. The other cast members knew because Marges friend told them before they told Teresa, it literally says that right there in the post.

  14. The first one is always the worst as your hair is thickest and longest, second time won’t be as bad. Check that she’s using hot wax rather than strip wax, hot wax is much better for sensitive areas like your bikini area.

  15. I'm in. Thanks for the well-needed advice. I just stayed faithful to Atlanta and never really strayed to the other franchises....i watched BH for Garcelle and Sutton until the others made it intolerable.

  16. If black woman magic is what you’re looking for then you should watch Married to Medicine if you haven’t already!

  17. I tried it but i must have started on the wrong season...I saw Mariah's behavior (i think i tuned in season 6) and it seemed too much like a caricature...degrading portrayal of Black women to be honest. I thought if they were in medicine or married to it, they would at least be portrayed more respectfully...nope. I turned it off!

  18. Mariah has been off the show for the past few years (there were a few seasons in the middle where she was gone too) so might be worth just skipping to those seasons if you weren’t a fan of her.

  19. If you dislike any non white housewife then you’re a racist according to a few people on this sub, even if that housewife happens to be the same race as you.

  20. Earning potential? Does that mean they're scrapping nursing degrees them.

  21. No, nursing is specifically mentioned in the article as not being cut if you read past the headline.

  22. What on earth kind of lifestyle porn does she bring? What on earth qualifies her to be a housewife? I didn't think NJ could be more cringe but this would defiantly do it. Besides, she's only 34. There are plenty of shows for 30-somethings she could be on.

  23. And I said my opinion which is the opposite, so I’m not sure why you’ve continued to argue against me on a deleted post?Jesus Porsha stans are almost as dumb as they believe her to be.

  24. If you recall I deleted my comments and then you followed along. Lmfao, whatcha gonna do now Felicia try to come back with some witty repartee? Maybe ask your mom or your social worker for some help😂

  25. I’m talking about the original post being deleted not your comments idiot. Reading comprehension is evidently very difficult for someone as brain dead as you. You’re still at this? it’s been 2 days, get a hobby or some friends girl.

  26. If you can afford it and you’re the right candidate then you should go with laser, it will be much cheaper and easier in the long run unless you’re doing the waxing at home yourself.

  27. I feel like the US has more access to good plastic surgery. There seems to be a lot of well known and popular surgeons on Instagram but there doesn’t seem to be as many in the UK actively marketing their services like that and gaining a big following. I don’t think looksmaxxing is frowned upon here at all in UK, the style here just tends to have a greater focus on the face and non surgical procedures like filler, Botox, teeth etc are more popular.

  28. After doing a rewatch of most of the franchises this year the one thing I’ve noticed is none of them ever say please when ordering.

  29. I think therapy is the main NHS treatment on offer. There are some antidepressants that can help with BED but I’m not sure that they’d offer it due to other side effects. Private/online prescriptions of things like Saxenda and Ozempic may help reduce your appetite but I don’t think they’re available on the NHS.

  30. I could see her wasted, slurring and coked up, fighting outside a Spoons on a Saturday night, I think she’d blend in pretty well here tbh haha

  31. This is hilarious. You know post-scrap she’d be going for a kebab regardless of how disheveled she looked

  32. Oh god yes, I can imagine her mumbling incoherently with a mouthful of kebab, mayonnaise all over her cheek

  33. Monitor and increase your Fiber intake to at least 25-30g per day and that should get things moving daily again. Also make sure you’re staying hydrated.

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  35. I sincerely doubt there are any men or women that would be attracted to someone like you regardless of your weight.

  36. It absorbs a lot of liquid so will expand in your stomach making you feel full. It’s a soluble fiber so is good for creating bulk which will help you to go to toilet regularly and more easily.

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