1. hahahahahahahahahahahaha if you expected people to dislike the change then why did you make the change? people should be the #1 focus. Clearly there's an ulterior motive for the change. SMH.

  2. I just ditched my wrist rest because it felt un natural anyways

  3. I can use my brain to make assumptions about people too. Doesn’t mean they’re correct.

  4. My assessment is pretty bang on. I'm only returning the favor that guys do to me when I ask a simple question as a women.

  5. I showed my gf this comment and she said ‘fuck oath!!!!!’

  6. I’m just as angry about the $17.50 pint of beer they charged me at Chase Center tonight

  7. You guys pay $17.50 USD for one beer!? That can’t always be the case right? Like how is having a few beers at the game accessible to anybody who isn’t fairly wealthy?

  8. There were a lot of champions on those teams. Not just this dingbat.

  9. Hi there! We'd love to hear their idea, feel free to make a post here on the subreddit or add it to this thread and tag me! I can't wait to see what his idea is!

  10. E3 Cristiano Ronaldo 90 rated. Is this good? I never get much

  11. Has somebody figured out the controller issues where the game just decides that u have glued ur left analog to a cerrain direction and nothing can change it/canr switch players and etc?

  12. No sorry I didn’t mean to be rude, I just mean people like 18-24

  13. And is expensive! It baffles me how young people working at McDonald's still wanna go to the Ivy and blow their money on twelve dollar shots. Do people wanna get drunk that bad?

  14. Fax my friend. Was gonna say - everything sucks, and everything that is decent is just too expensive

  15. Don’t let it get that dirty in the first place

  16. Great advice! I’ll hop into my time machine and make sure I don’t make this mistake again

  17. To be fair my razer naga from 2012 still works a charm and I’ve treated it like garbage. Razer death adder from 2019 works great too

  18. They play extremely well. I have a good router, so it helps. Overall I get 60fps pretty much always with only small dips every now and then.

  19. The lack of actual responses and abundance of downvotes makes this really obvious hey.


  21. For every comment that’s ever been made about “We were robbed”, no game will ever have the same level of robbery as this. It was literally over, and was given to the other team incorrectly. The clearest cut robbery you will ever see.

  22. Don't be a jerk. If it's in Europe, it's always going to be per month. Nobody outside the US or Australia post salaries in other than monthly values.

  23. How is he being a jerk by getting some basic clarification lol. This website never ceases to amaze me with the unreasonable circle jerks

  24. Your in the same boat as people from the supported countries that are "after Q3"

  25. It’s pretty different, they have confirmations. We don’t even have the ability to pre order or anything

  26. I personally would love to relive my immense disgust and confusion seeing gronk at deep safety on the final play of the game

  27. For real I couldn’t agree more. It feels really scummy that it’s still perfectly ok to advertise a potentially life ruining habit so blatantly like this ladbrokes and Sportsbet bulls**t does.

  28. Agreed. How come she has to pay her dads gambling debt loss?

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