1. People who simp for Carly are the same people who simp for Futaba from persona 5

  2. I simp for Carly but I genuinely couldn't stand Futaba. The "gamer" references came off more as annoying then endearing to me... also, the way the relationship was written always felt more brother-sister than romantic imho.

  3. Every white/asian guy with black curly hair when he wears round glasses(he looks like Joker from Persona 5 now):

  4. Like for real, and here I thought

  5. Are those in the game? If so, I NEED them.

  6. The splatfest color for white chocolate isn't even white it's khaki

  7. Most likely Milk from plants. What else could it be; the evolved species (Inklings, Octolings, Jellyfish, etc) after becoming more human like with the whole crystal thing, can now make milk themselves? I guess?!

  8. Sir, unless you're expecting Stephen to read this and do it when he's not busy universe hopping, you'd be better off to learn to do it yourself.

  9. This has nothing to do with being religious. This person is just deranged.

  10. As an ex-Evangelical, I agree, but you definitely have to put up with a lot of this shit from fellow Christians and it can get pretty draining...

  11. Understandable. The Protestant crowd tends to be the most silly about these things.

  12. Interesting logic Mr. Edgeworth, however your father was shot to death on December 28th 2001.

  13. /uj I agree. Like in strikers Morgana is fine, and after Okumura he’s fine. Also his simping is a bit better as at least Ann doesn’t seem to give a shit and Haru actually likes him

  14. Teddie sexually harasses every member of the team, Morgana is just an incel...

  15. Me finally finishing my Crystron deck in Duel Links after months of grinding only for Citree, Rion, and Impact all to be put to 2...

  16. You know you don't need 6 different attributes right

  17. Me preparing my unbreakable @Ignister board with Cyberse Quantum Dragon, a 4k towers, and an omni negate only for my opponent to draw a single Kaiju and completely destroy all of my protection...

  18. How many comics are there about places with lots of fancy, complicated coffees?

  19. Is it really a negative gender stereotype? Look, I think at this point you need too pick your battles and decide if Westerners being properly educated on traditional Japanese clothing is really more important than non-binary people feeling more represented and everyone else being more accepting of them...

  20. What would Fuuka's crest be? 🤔 (I don't know because I've never played Midsona 3.)

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