1. I am very sure that is a Corydora Pantanalensis, one of the most rare corydoras in the world.

  2. I’ve had a nerite with my bichirs for months and he’s still here doing work on algae haha.

  3. Would not recommend any type of pleco with bichirs, as plecos have been known to suck the slime coat off of bichirs and other larger fish. This could end up in the pleco killing the bichir. There’s a chance they don’t bother each other, but to me, not really worth the risk ☹️

  4. I’ve kept a number of different plecos with my bichirs for the past couple of years and only had a problem with 2 types: Sailfin pleco (rehomed for sucking slime) and bristlenose pleco (got eaten by my bichirs).

  5. So cute!!!!! I love my little Pleco! This white one is so pretty!

  6. Yeah looks pretty bad, what are the water parameters? And tank mates.

  7. Unfortunately your pleco is eating it. You need to remove it immediately before the Bichir dies.

  8. Thanks for the reply, I have removed the bichir, is there anything I can do to speed up the healing process?

  9. Quarantine tanks are a waste of time and tank space. Why would you quarantine a fish in a tank that isn't cycled? If you just purchased this fish, just return it. The best way to put a fish into your tank is to float the bag for temp. Then remove the bag from the tank and pour the fish into a net over a bucket and place the fish in the tank. Never pour water from a fish store into the tank

  10. That’s honestly horrible advice (except the fish store water part). Quarantine tanks are used for treating your fish for potential parasites or diseases because many medications kill beneficial bacteria so if you add a new fish to your main aquarium you can’t really treat it without ruining your cycle. Why risk killing all your fish instead of treating one?

  11. Wow can't wait to see that keep us all updated :)

  12. Will do! :D currently in the process of setting up a larger tank than the one it’s currently in; 7 foot tank should be a good permanent home 😁

  13. Awsome I recently got some blue eyed lemon pleco's so I'm looking forward to seeing them grow but they won get as big as your pleco only about 5 inches which is perfect for me

  14. Super red bristlenose. This is a longfin. Usually around $25 but the short finned version you can usually find around $15

  15. Yes, but get the biggest tank you possibly can. A 90 would be better.

  16. Ornates grow pretty fast. Best to feed daily when they’re younger and do consistent water changes 1-2x per week. 25-50%

  17. Yeah they actually grow pretty quickly! I think a lot of people really under feed them and that's why they stay so small for so long. Water changes and feeding daily two times a day for sure. Make sure you give them what they actually need to eat too. Ours love frozen beef heart, bloodworms, earth worms, thawed cooked shrimp and dry carnivore pellets! Of course make sure you mince/chop up the food so it's bite size for them! We lost a bichir not to long ago that choked on a snail. They have poor eye sight but amazing smell so that's really good.

  18. Be sure to avoid mammalian meats as they lack the enzymes to digest them. Same goes for birds. Their main diet in the wild consists of tilapia and insects. Many other white meat fish are great options as well.

  19. What are your water parameters, what do you feed and how often?

  20. Do not feed mammalian meats or birds as they lack enzymes to digest them. In the wild, a major part of their diet is tilapia.

  21. Do you feed live crickets? I tried a couple of juveniles, and she and the cichlids nibbled then noped. They all tend to hate crunchy foods. I’ll get some tilapia, but is the diet supposed to be small ones so they get some bone as well as protein?

  22. I buy frozen tilapia filets from Walmart and chop them small enough for them to eat. And yes live crickets occasionally.

  23. A Delhezi will need much more than a 55 gallon tank, but as for schooling fish maybe you can try Angelfish

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