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  1. I think a Girgensons-Krebs-Okposo line would be a good line. Remember the LOG line? They played the 2nd most minutes that season. This isn’t 1992 where the 4th line is designated to suck.

  2. But no teams are running 4 lines equal minutes, I don’t think that sticking krebs with 2 guys who aren’t great offensively (okposo had a lot of points off of the PP) is a good line. You are basing this solely off defensive impacts imo,

  3. Idk I think that Krebs’ elite passing with Okposo and Girgensons being net crashers could work. I respect your argument tho

  4. I think cozens fits best with okposo and girgs out of all of them, krebs fits best with a great finisher and hard forchecker to enter the zone, it’s why he worked well with cozens and why he cozens and Quinn would work well, tommer krebs marchment does the same thing but would play differently. I’m not sure how krebs fairs with Thompson as he’s very puck dominant and his play away from the puck isn’t amazing so I’d prefer to have Thompson with a good net crashing guy and a hard forecheck type like marchment.

  5. Lots of strong opinions in here. I don't know much about either of those dudes, but one thing I do know..... I trust donny meatballs and I trust the team of nerds behind GMKA. For the first time in a while..... I give the benefit of the doubt to the front office. Still rumors. Also, for every new forward, we probably have to ship one out, or JJ/QUINN start in Rochester.

  6. Olofsson would be the guy who has to go and I’m okay with him as the one being moved

  7. I feel Marchment would love playing in Buffalo and would likely aim for a one or two year deal.

  8. He’s not gonna sign for 1 it’ll be like a 3yr/$3.5M which is fine, we hav to move olofsson to make room for him in the lineup, he offers something we don’t have where we have Quinn to take olofssons spot on the team

  9. Yup, it takes good pieces to get good pieces. Eventually we’ll have to come to terms with losing a player we love because there will be someone of the same caliber that fits better. It’s just nature of the beast

  10. Krebs is a player who we don’t even know what he is yet and you want to trade him to win now? With a team that’s not a contender, are you one of those types that would be content with us maybe making the playoffs as a wildcard, for a year or 2 then fading away because we don’t have a strong enough roster? It’s the nature of a dumb beast lmao we should not be doing whatever the fuck you are saying we should do, moving mitts is one thing, he’s injury prone, 23 and still has trade value, but krebs makes no fuckin sense at all. We targeted krebs we wanted him he has top 6 winger potential he’s a marner lite and you want to trade that for “a better fit”.

  11. My comment history says otherwise. Im all for the long haul and don’t want to pull a GMTM. I’m just thinking we have a ton of wingers and need a RHD and a G. UPL isn’t the guy, even if his talent gets up there, dude can’t stay healthy. Levi going back wasn’t a concern (makes sense for him and the Org) but Eric Portillo is a gut punch to the pipeline because he’s probably not signing with us at the end of the year. I’m fairly certain GMKA would have likely told him he’s got a spot on the NHL roster to end this past season and get some meaningful time between the posts but he still elected to go back

  12. Trading for a goalie is dumb unless it’s a cap dump or like late picks lmao anything more than that and it’s dumb. RHD is definitely an area we need improvement but there’s many places to look before we shop our high end young guys. My issue is that you are very eager to give up on both mitts and krebs because they don’t “fit” that makes no sense, do you just not like the game they play? Do you think they are “soft”? If we should move anyone it would/should be olofsson, I would listen to mitts offers as well (Bryson is someone who could have value too). I just don’t get why krebs was the guy to move when there are others that make more sense to move+ we aren’t in the position to move said young players

  13. I don't think Zboril was off the board. DeBrusk and Seny were off board

  14. Debrusk was a late first, so eh was a stretch but not outrageously stupid like seny was mocked in the mid second round, colossally dumb pick, not picking barzal is the biggest miss cause he was seen as a late top 10 guy and was falling, they reached at the wrong winger with debrusk over boeser, but that happens, chabot is another I see people laugh at them for but he was mocked late first as well.

  15. Yeah it's really the combo of DeBrusk being sorta a reach and Senyshyn being a complete "huh" kinda pick with the fact that a guy like Barzal or Connor being right there and turning into studs with the picks DIRECTLY after the Bruins choices. Zboril and Chabot were rated about the same and Chabot worked out Zboril didn't, that's the way she goes.

  16. If the draft goes like debrusk-barzal-zboril we aren’t laughing at the Bruins at all

  17. It will definitely not be Dahlin any time soon though. Nothing against him as a player, just not a leader on the team, and that's probably for the best to not put too much pressure on him right now.

  18. What move did Tim Murray make that was remotely close to this?

  19. I guess because he needs a new contract? Koop buddy you’re just gonna have to accept that people here are gonna call dumb trades “tim murray trades” forever

  20. Probert had some pretty decent seasons, almost double the points with more pims. True OG

  21. Okposo doesn’t play in the top 9 he’s on the 4th line especially if we get pool party

  22. Z looks like the long haired vampire from what we do in the shadows, not an insult just something I’ve always thought about, something else rangers fans think a lot about is how hank never won a cup

  23. When I was a freshman I went to high school with a kid in the states, we played in this rec hockey league and I actually had him beat in skating speed, but he just did everything one handed better with a stick than I ever could with 2 hands. I saw him in town visiting last summer at the rink and had a pretty close race with him, he's a top 6 player in the NHL currently and one of the better mid 20s players. The hand eye coordination is just such an insane difference.

  24. Theres a few issues with this signing in my opinion.

  25. I don’t think they trust UPL that much and they have reasons to not trust him. Any signing can fail we could bring 2 goalies in and they could flounder

  26. 37 is young compared to Andy.

  27. None of the 3 UFAs listed get us anywhere in the playoffs lmao, if you think fleury is the missing piece I have no further reason to discuss this with you lol

  28. Everyone is trying to be the next smash hit.

  29. Trying way too hard, gotta let It come to you naturally, the best ones you can tell are always coming from a genuine place and have a thought out joke/bit that’s fun to read

  30. His play has fallen off in the past few years, not sure there much left in the tank and we already got one old goalie who’s got little left to give. I mean I’d be fine with him but there’s other I’d rather

  31. Even tho I’m not sure where your information is coming from your response to this guy is just amazing I love it. The moment people call someone a Russian shill it’s usually because they can’t actually respond with anything other than their feeling on the matter

  32. Risto is as bad as Myers and look what he got!

  33. He’s not you haven’t watched risto play, ive watched both, I can say with absolute certainty risto is worse, plus he didn’t have a terrible contract on him

  34. A certain kind of Canucks fan likes to pretend Myers is below-replacement instead of a big mean RHD overpaid by a million or two. Ristolainen is... not good. Myers is actually a decent middle-of-the-pack D.

  35. Now he’s not entirely wrong Myers isn’t very good he’s a bottom pair dman with some solid offence from time to time, way overpaid and played too much due to Vancouver’s lack of defensive depth, but I will die in the hill that risto is one of the worst d men in hockey I will not be argued on it by anyone

  36. Greta Van Fleet is pretty well liked in a lot of rock circles.

  37. They're riding the revival of Zep's signature sound. 30 years ago

  38. I mean i hope they evolve past imitators, the first ep and album were terrible for thi, new album was a step in the right direction

  39. This is conflicting. On one hand, we had a winning record with him and he was easily our best goalie. On the other hand, being our best goalie just meant not being the worst goalie in the league.

  40. I think he’s going to be in tandem with another goalie, UPL starts in Rochester than takes his job

  41. What's happening with Devon Levi and Erik Portillo? Back to NCAA?

  42. Levi comes in next season I don’t know if Portillo will sign I have faith but some (rightfully) don’t

  43. Yea, Husso definitely feels weird, the St Louis connection doesn’t help. I’m curious who their goaltending coach is and how long he has been in that role.

  44. Elliot Hutton binnington to an extent all had great seasons with St. Louis before going to other teams (except binner, yet)and disappointing, it’s sorta like what the Canucks do, fix a goalie then send him somewhere to be more successful, except they don’t do well after St Louis

  45. I think they are still hurting for season and mini pack plans. I put in an inquiry a couple months ago and I was subsequently contacted weekly.

  46. Fans aren’t ready to throw that season ticket trust in just yet, I think the games will get more people than last season but it’s gonna be a play it by game thing for fans

  47. Honestly, until season tickets go up, I don’t think attendance will increase considerably. The reason for that is tied to the secondary market, which was extremely thin this year. The prices on StubHub were almost the same as through the Sabres, which offered practically no discount. Until season tickets increase and people can cash out on Leaf, Ranger, and Pens tickets you won’t see the other games come as a discount.

  48. I hope the circle jerk sub just becomes the place where we post all the actual band news

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