1. The girl was immune to the plague she was humanity's last chance for vaccine but it would kill her in the process I couldn't accept that so I killed one of the doctors and ran away with her because I ended up quite attached to her.

  2. I see it's on gamepass and wonder if I should give it try

  3. 30 looks like a power point after experiencing 144 for a while

  4. Damn bro don't let the switch players hear that out of your mouth 😂

  5. When you killed the whole Greek pantheon but still get killed by a tiny explosive lizard...🙄 or maybe I'm just bad at the game

  6. Driving, your at the wheel of 5 tons of metal that could end your life and other's life at the slightest mistake put your fucking phone down and chill the fuck out

  7. I hope you didn't get into politics after this

  8. Romancing every girl in Persona 5 which also means I was cheating on all of them

  9. I...I'm also guilty of this...not my proudest moment looking back

  10. I killed a chicken, apparently that was grounds for an entire village to attack me.

  11. I liked Callisto, but Dead Space is just another level.

  12. Yeah I'm waiting for dead space remake to come out on game pass in a year a so I can finally play it

  13. Yes the original is but it will end up on gamepass like almost every ea title why pay 70$ now when I can wait a year and pay nothing

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