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  1. English is literally the only Germanic language that does this stuff

  2. You know getting called a good boy by my bf kinda feels like being hugged but also reinforces my obedience. Love it

  3. Souls of cinders just quick switches through his loadout slamming everything he has.

  4. If too much indoors time makes you beautiful then I see it as an absolute win

  5. I’ve been working on it with my wife for a few months. So far I’ve been able to relax enough to achieve a few full body orgasms without cumming, and it feels like being hit by lightning.

  6. Dude, I see where you are coming from but over here in europe we practise nakidity as a part of culture. On most beaches there are separated areas for that and in saunas for example people go naked as a rule it's quite chill I must say.

  7. I used to go to the sauna a lot after working out, and I read my book in there as well.

  8. Yeah, it's a real nice and chill thing. Also great for your overall well-being

  9. Well good day to you m'lady, my I inquire on how you drink your coffee (sugar yes/no, milk yes/no etc.)?

  10. There are fools and idiots everywhere. You will encounter ignorance and will be unable to do anything. Yet you could try to have it not stand between you and that person. You won't be able to convince that person so you should try have a talk about something different (if that is possible)

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