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  1. Looks exactly like my Luna. And we have a Charlie as well and we call him bean 😂

  2. Please join the team we still have 3 spaces 🥳

  3. I feel like I’m just going to be called a “sook” but I’m so sick of constant “night mare levels” IM NOT PAYING FOR SHIT MATE!

  4. True it’s not fun when you stuck for ages

  5. I don’t 😢 but I’ve managed to get almost at the end!

  6. NTA and to me those name don’t really feel connect? I mean Samuel and Samantha sounds quite different (but is just my personal opinion)

  7. After all the videos Ive seen of this birthday celebration, it seemed like he wasnt even there. Trav lowkey AF and I respect that.

  8. I think they have a good relationship and they try to keep it out of the media and social as much as they can. I honestly don’t get when people are mean for no reasons and say that he’s just using her and don’t care about her/claim her 🤦🏼‍♀️ like no everything needs to be on Instagram! I love that he was there but was giving her space to celebrate with her girlfriends 👯‍♀️

  9. I’m not surprised.. with those prices 😂😂 I still bought a sweatshirt

  10. Saturday in London! It has been on my wish list for ages! 🥹

  11. there's no way trav isn't a little autistic

  12. Yeah, kris should teach a masterclass or something because she's done a lot for her kids management wise that not a lot of people talk about tbh. She's very calculated.

  13. She actually just launched a master class!

  14. I’ve got both Astro and rodeo in vinyl and they are so worth it

  15. There is not a difference anymore because here it’s full of haters that don’t have a life and just pick at everything 😤

  16. 29c and no air conditioning? that's horrible. i'd bet 5 mill that Kylie has air conditioning wherever she is though

  17. Tbh at the O2 last night wasn’t that hot

  18. Just waiting to hear the haters moaning and pushing the story that he doesn’t care about her 😮‍💨

  19. It’s an Instagram story… tbh if that’s all it takes for it to “prove” he cares about her, that is sad as fuck lmfaooo 🥶🥶🥶 the bar is in HELLLLLLLLL

  20. They don’t need to share every single details of their personal life on social media. You guys should stop with the negativity

  21. Can you please message me your insta or video? Thank you 😊

  22. Lol I went to the right instead of the main gate way and me and some other ragers snuck to the tube round the back 😂 nearly got the door closed on me by staff but we made it through!

  23. Hey guys it’s my first time seeing travis and we and my friend have seating tickets. We are very excited but also a bit worried.. any tips to stay safe up there? Thanks 😊

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