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Our cat went missing October 2020.. the animal shelter called and he is home. Pinch me im dreaming

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  1. In 45 seconds, all three will fall asleep. I wouldn’t mind watching three kittens sleeping for 9 hours 59 minutes and 15 seconds though.

  2. People running their mouth in the movie theater when you're trying to watch the movie that you just paid $15 to watch.

  3. It’s why I wait a few months or a few weeks for the movie to become available at home. Also, I can binge on something like the MCU.

  4. Sugary sodas. I just had a Coke for the first time in years. It tasted like syrup.

  5. I suppose you can't take that much time off and expect to keep your job.

  6. If The Doctor is astute enough, she would have gotten Yaz back to where she was 10 minutes after Yaz left with The Doctor. However, The Doctor did leave Sarah Jane Smith hundreds of miles from where he thought he was going to leave her.

  7. No, they literally can’t do it. If they are both registered in the same state they are not allowed to get the electoral votes in the state.

  8. I think that the only one of the two candidates on the ticket would get the electoral votes, and the other would have to concede them.

  9. If you are feeling apprehensive about something, make sure you articulate it...

  10. Backwards is interesting. I'll have to see how that one goes!

  11. Backwards in time. Timey Whimey, Wibblely Wobblely. It works.

  12. No, I'm more from what you would call inner time.

  13. Alex Kingston (and don't tell me she wasn't a companion)

  14. But you won't have that whrrring sound, because somehow she'd know how to release the breaks.

  15. Baby is suckling and kneading. They do that for comfort or when they are happy and relaxed.

  16. Knocker-upper... sounds like a career choice for a student who failed at Hogwarts.

  17. If she were my cat, I'd name her Ty Lee. (I've got an Azula (Tortie) and a Katara (Dilute Tortie).

  18. Serious question: when exactly did Republicans become cartoon-villainy evil?

  19. Newt Gingrich's (talk about a cartoon-villainy evil name) "Contract with America".

  20. I would love it. Even a limited run of six episodes would ceme#nt her as Doctor # -1...

  21. I'd rather it turn out she was Doctor 2.1 (when the Time Lords work to exile the Doctor).

  22. Tortie: This belly ain't going to rub itself.

  23. He was pissed off you all were staying home all the time, with your fancy masks and your toilet paper and your UberEats delivery services when he could have been doing cat things by himself.

  24. I've seen some Asians in porn but all of them are bottoms, Asian tops in porn are rare

  25. Such a cute round little face and a pretty pewter-y silver coat. Very sorry for your loss, she looks like she was a great companion. Love and condolences to you and yours.

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