1. You have two kind of people who use psychedelics.

  2. I hear what you are saying about the 2 types of psyche users but I don't think it's as black and white as that. You can use psychedelics for spiritual growth, and also have a fun time with friends. I often trip alone for spiritual growth, I'll meditate a lot, go in with an intention, and really try to feel whatever comes up, but I also like tripping with my boys and having a good time too. I think if you use psychedelics just for fun long enough, it eventually becomes difficult to ignore the spiritual aspects.

  3. I recently made the foolish decision to smoke DMT when I was drinking. I was in a safe chill place, but buzzed, it was a bizarre experience. I'd take a hit then next thing I know it was like I had just woke up from a nap. No recollection, no idea how much time had passed. I completely blacked out or fell asleep. I tried 3 times, same thing every time. I wasn't even very drunk just like 3-4 drinks. I'm not gonna do that again. I was feeling brave because I was buzzed because I don't smoke DMT very often because it scares me. I prayed for protection before each trip so maybe that was me getting protected, who knows. I agree don't do deems and party, don't do deems while drinking either I'd say.

  4. Your neck must be jacked, that looks I've heard looks heavy.

  5. I just cleaned my pipe(with dish soap and rubbing alcohol) and all I can smell is that nasty smell right now. Burnt DMT smells like halitosis a little bit to me.

  6. I started getting into this thing called the gateway experience. Its basically a meditation course that uses "hemi sync" brainwave entertainment, it's absolutely changed my life. I don't always do the gateway tapes but they introduced me to brainwave entrance using binaural beats so I'll often meditate with that on. I highly recommend looking into it if you're looking to improve your mental and spiritual health.

  7. where can we find more about it? looking in youtube I get a lot of results, not sure where to begin

  8. There's a declassified CIA document that's an assessment of the gateway program. It's mind blowing. You could start there. There's also a book called Journeys out of the body written by the guy who developed the gateway program, completely life changing book for me. Changed my entire perspective on reality. Finally, if you want to actually try the recordings yourself, they're on YouTube on a channel called soul frequency. Start with wave 1 track 1.

  9. I have no personal experience and very little information about this, but I saw a vendor selling dipyanone. I know nothing about it other than it's a novel opioid. Maybe look into that.

  10. Yeah, I believe there is a domestic vendor..... You'll need tor, and preferably i2p because tor is useless nowadays with the constant ddos-ing. It may also show up in a test for methadone, idk really. It seems to be an analogue. I don't personally fuck with opiates anymore. I'll try to find the specific vendor if you want to dm me.

  11. Voted by people magazine as "The CIAs Sexiest Asset"

  12. That multidimensional reptilian aliens (alpha draconians, a satanic group?) influence humanity to create maximum suffering so they can feed off our negative energy aka loosh. Also they were behind the Holocaust as a loosh harvest in exchange for technology. Also that the "Gods" of the Mayan and Aztec human sacrifices were actually these same reptilians and have been influencing us for millennia. Jk you'd be crazy if you believed that.

  13. I'm gonna ask for steroids next Christmas because clearly santa has got the good shit.

  14. My bathwater comes out at 48 now so I've been doing that temp too. I like to find a good song and when there's 3 minutes left I hop in at just try to make it to the end. I just take deep breaths and focus on that. The music definitely helps me, I usually put on something heavy or high energy to amp me up for it. Definitely recommend that if you're trying to increase your exposure but a minute in 48 degree is a good start.

  15. Mine is a massive granite Egyptian sarcophagus. Nothing is getting out of there to ruin my tape time.

  16. That's similar to mine. I picture the boxes in the sarrapeum in Egypt.

  17. That's exactly what mine is! Those giant granite boxes. I didn't know that is what those were called. That's cool, thank you.

  18. I had to look it up after reading the word sarcophagus because I knew there was a specific name but it's exactly what I visualize. Egypt fascinates the hell out of me. Sometimes I'll do my resonant energy balloon and then I'll try to envision a giant pyramid over me and I'm in the middle. Maybe I'm a complete kook but when I do that I feel a slightly shift.

  19. Goddamn that's so intense. You can really feel that father's completely justified rage. Props to my man, but prison isn't very pleasant for pedophiles, he'll get his.

  20. I'm gonna try that, good idea. I've been doing cold showers but it doesn't feel cold enough anymore.

  21. Nothing would make me happier than to see everyone one of the fucks heads on a spikes. Peace and love to everyone else though... Lol

  22. 1500 is the con. Yeti does make good quality stuff though.

  23. I've been having the same issues. It's so frustrating when you finally get my to grow then s2b and everything is looking good then boom the dreaded green. I've lost more tubs than I've had succeed but I'm gonna keep trying to improve my sterilization techniques.

  24. Hamilton Morris has a good one but it's on Patreon. Aubrey Marcus also often discusses psychedelics.

  25. Hahaha glad you're alright, but that is hilarious.

  26. The book journeys out of the body by Robert Monroe. Made me start to believe.

  27. God that was amazing. It calmed me to my soul

  28. She's got that adrenochrome face going.

  29. This is the only subreddit I know of that I'd get up voted for that. My dawgs

  30. I've been trying for awhile myself with no luck yet. I've heard that hyperazine-a and/or galantamine can help. I sort of tried hyperazine-a but didn't really do it by the recommend method.

  31. The same thing happens to me, but with Xanax.

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