1. "And where's your body of christ sir?" I have no idea what this is meant to mean.

  2. Body of Christ not being in the tomb was proof of resurrection. Just a old southern holy term for proof makes shit dramatic.

  3. Fair enough, I've never heard this term before but I appreciate you teaching me something new.

  4. You should probably go back and reread the comment you're responding to, since you actually agree with it.

  5. Sure, so long as the vehicle extract works. Otherwise, being north of sawmill is inherently dangerous for all the wrong reasons.

  6. Honestly I've felt for a while that Woods could do with far north permanent extract. It would do so much to balance the map out a bit, instead of funneling everyone into the military outpost or scav shack. The north of the map feels more like an early-match area where it's only really worth it to loot that area if you spawn there, if you spawn south you're always better off getting all the loot there and then crossing the map to extract.

  7. Just think how small and sad your drop tables would be if everyone had 4 legendaries and weapons already spoken for.

  8. I wouldn't say 4 legendaries, I'd still keep a 1 or 2 legendary limit. You'd just be able to pick from the full spread of legendaries, both Legion and SL.

  9. Oh god no. One of the best feelings in WoW is when you get a new weapon. Being stuck with an artifact weapon forever seems so bad. The artifact enhancements were super frustrating and not at all comparable to actual weapon drops.

  10. Honestly I disagree but I think this is a personal preference thing. I personally don't like how disproportionately important weapons are to power progression considering how much autoattacks have decreased in relative importance since Vanilla/TBC. The best feeling for me, gear-wise, is getting tier set pieces. Weapons these days just feel like yet another stat stick with slightly higher importance.

  11. I was watching one streamer playing Elden Ring as his first Souls game. He attacked Varre on sight simply assuming he was an enemy. Chat informed him that he had aggro'd a non-hostile NPC and his response was "How was I supposed to know? The only other thing I met so far killed me." Then when he respawned at the grace he was upset to find that Varre doesn't just deaggro. He decided to live with the choice and went to the church of Marika. Upon seeing the merchant he immediately crouched, snuck around behind him and backstabbed him, again just assuming he was an enemy. It was pretty hilarious, but also odd that we're somehow still in a day and age where people need a tutorial to explain the existence of non-hostile NPCs in games.

  12. Honestly I get it. There's a youtube video essay thing somewhere where a dude watches his girlfriend try a few video games for her first games ever and it really shows just how much shit you've learned playing different games over the years. If I remember correctly one of the games she played was Dark Souls and her level of inexperience was so high that she literally didn't know to use one of the sticks to turn the camera for a good while because that just never crossed her mind. Let alone the whole concept of friendly/hostile NPCs in a game where absolutely everything you've seen so far has tried to kill you.

  13. The Void Elf racial is a spell you cast that lets you "jump" or "warp" back to wherever you first cast the spell. During the Jailer fight he MC's people and slowly walks them to the edge before jumping off.

  14. Yeah, unfortunately Blizz have a track record of fixing anything that doesn't fit their specific view of how the game is meant to be. A youtuber I really like pointed out how that fucked Overwatch over by removing technical depth when every piece of unintended skill depth for their characters was swiftly removed just for being unintended.

  15. So glad those are illegal in my state.

  16. Legit question: why are you glad these are illegal anywhere? I can't think of a justification for being happy that red light cameras are illegal other than "I want to be able to run red lights".

  17. Because they tag you for speeding too. you could be doing like 3 over and get tagged for it going through an intersection. But also we have detroit and theres places you absolutely do not want to stop.

  18. Fair enough, thank you for answering honestly

  19. If you find it funny to be a cunt to others, please seek some kind of mental aid. It's only a joke if both people are laughing. Guaranteed you're the kind of cunt to punch someone in the face and be shocked when they don't find it as funny as you do. Wanker.

  20. Just adding on that I think a cool addition to this idea would be a rebalance of Disc Priest to have more Holy DPS talents to make Smite Priest DPS a viable option. I can't tell you how long I've waited for a caster holy DPS spec to be viable, it would genuinely make me play Vanilla again.

  21. Just throwing it out there, a single Stormtrooper Legion (remember, the 501st LEGION is post-order 66) is 12,800 stormtroopers. Then, multiply that by 9,216 for a cool 117,964,800 stormtroopers hailing directly from the 501st. That's 118 million stormtroopers. Presumably also including some elements of heavy armour.

  22. Blizzard Pet AI. Especially when it comes to jumping down somewhere or gping invisible. The amount of times my Imps killed me or the group is to high.

  23. Blizz pet AI when they attack an immune/heavily damage-reduced target because they refuse to swap. Demo Lock is really bad for this, if you summon Tyrant at the wrong time it'll pump 50% of your DPS into an immune target or give 15k bolts to a target taking a max of 5 damage per hit. Just makes life less fun.

  24. I know this works for the actual pet itself i.e the Felguard but most of my comment is about stuff like the Tyrant/imps/dogs. Does it work for those too?

  25. I remember being confused when my qld cousins called tips "tiggy" and handball "four square".

  26. Bloody four square/handball. I grew up military so i heard it as handball and four square but the most confusing part was figuring out what each square was. Ace, king, queen, jack seems to be my memory of the squares but I've definitely heard variations on that

  27. 5.1 wasn't fantastic by memory. It released the Pandaren Campaign which was basically just another daily quest hub with...meh story, imo. Also, people forget that this was at the height of the Scenario feature, where Scenarios were a valid (if really boring) way to get some dungeon-tier gear. Running Scenarios because some of them took a top of 10 minutes and some of them were the Bombing of Theramore (which took ages) really put a damper on how much fun 5.0 and 5.1 were.

  28. I can't even fathom why OP was quitting a job with no other prospects or by the sound of it idea what they want to do. At least get something, anything, underway before jumping ship it's just common sense. I struggle being empathetic with people who put themselves in such situations then ask for help.

  29. That's such a shitty take that's so unfortunately prevalent in our culture currently. There's a fuckload of reasons why that it would be reasonable to quit a job with nothing lined up, and having a toxic workplace is absolutely one of them. Granted, it's optimal to have a job before you leave but most people severely undervalue their mental health and the negative effect a toxic workplace can have on it.

  30. Question: what's her UI/PC set-up like? One thing that I think is huge in WoW is add-on usage. Things like BM hunter can be made way easier just by having an easy-to-read UI to track Frenzy stacks/uptime and for tracking Bestial Wrath cool down. Having a total dungeon DPS of 5k tells me that she's probably not aware of some of these things because WoW is inherently awful at keeping you informed of this info. Like how Frenzy stacks are a big part of BM Hunter DPS but they're tracked as a buff on your pet, not on your character.

  31. See it as a job. An unpaid, mostly unappreciated and ridiculously understaffed job.

  32. I'm a relatively fresh lock and god damn is it surprising how demanding players are. It's shit like topping the meters only to be told I'm useless and not doing "literally the only thing your class is good for" when I forget to do Healthstones or when I don't use my Soul stone when no healers/tanks die. Fortunately its pretty rare but they definitely stuck with me

  33. You know when people say that they are joking right? It's been a meme ever since warlocks could summon/health stones.

  34. This reads the exact same as "You're a fucking terrible person and you should kill yourself. Why are you crying? It was just a joke."

  35. I think Devos was added to Spires of Ascension quite late in development, the big goliath boss right before her was probably going to be in one of the raids, since it's one of two bosses in Shadowlands dungeons that are level ??, alongside Kaal in Sanguine Depths.

  36. Honestly I agree with your theory. This whole expac stinks of rushed work like WoD, unfortunately. Down to the raid count, the extremely intricate last zone and the big question mark areas like the how half of Bastion just feels...empty. It feels a bit like they sacrificed some of SL in favour of dumping Dev time on Dragonflight like they did in WoD for Legion.

  37. There is a famous saying in the game development world, that ‚given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game‘. It’s not the player’s fault. It is human nature.

  38. This. Anyone trying to put blame on the community is actively ignoring the whole concept of what it means to have a community. Communities don't choose to have aspects, they're shaped and curated by the conditions they form in. Communities can be actively changed but it falls to the leadership of said communities. The only other way to change a community is by changing the thing that the community is based around so that it encourages a different kind of community.

  39. If you think the point of those scenes were to goad an emotional reaction by fooling you into thinking they're dead, then you've severely misunderstood their purpose. They're character building, you were never supposed to think they were gone forever. It symbolizes their convictions and their faith in you.

  40. I slightly disagree, I think the more complete messaging is in how they all, 1 by 1, learn how to accept loss and pain and grief in their own ways. Ultima Thule is a whole zone characterised by an inability to accept pain as a necessary foil to happiness. Both the robots and the blob dudes achieved everything they thought they ever wanted (maximum strength and immortality respectively) but couldn't handle the concept that you need to lose to be able to win. The dragons lost so much they gave up on the concept of being able to win at all.

  41. All I have to say is that "meaning well" doesn't give you a pass to do anything you want!

  42. 100% this, and once you learn it you learn to spot it fucking everywhere in your life. The key bottom-line lesson is: "All the reasons in the world don't fix a problem". I recently quit a job because it turned into a toxic workplace. We got some new supervisors in who felt like there was a lot of pressure from above to be micromanaging. I brought my issues up to them, telling them that I felt incredibly anxious and unhappy because I was being micromanaged, and all I got back for months was that "this is just the way it has to be". That's unacceptable. I don't care what the reason is, there's still a fucking problem there to solve.

  43. We barely took 2 hours, its fiiiiiiiiine.

  44. Lmao, I had my first Kara run on a (relatively fresh) 70 the other day. It took like 2-3 hours and up until this comment I thought that was pretty much normal. Granted, we did have to get some new healers in just after the library.

  45. Honestly, Destro/Demo warlock. They're both fun for similar reasons in that haste ends up being their best or second best stat, and they revolve around pumping spells as fast as possible. Destro because Chaos Bolt does ridiculous damage every cast and Demo because you're trying to rack up your demon count before you summon your big one.

  46. Hey mate, I just did the 50-60 grind on my Warrior (maxed out maybe a few weeks ago, was doing this grind maybe a month or two ago). My advice? Don't bother too much with the warrior quest in Blasted Lands. It's not bad, but the last step requires you to dungeon and I don't know how easy/hard that'll be for you. Instead, using Questie, go find some good quest density zones that are roughly your level or a few below. I think Hinterlands, Tanaris North, Feralas and Searing Gorge were good for that level bracket but you'll spend a *lot* of time travelling between quest hubs unfortunately.

  47. Honestly the only change they would need to do is to design with alts in mind.

  48. Yeah, I've been posting a variation on this rant for a while now. It really shits me when Blizz releases yet another potentially cool idea and then invariably ties it to player power. I really wanted to love Torghast, and I might've done if it'd been entirely optional and the unbalanced mess it was destined to be, but Blizz gave it player power rewards and thus made it essentially mandatory. You could ignore Torghast, but you're also locking yourself out of legendaries which is realistically a stupid decision.

  49. I'll take a shot at this, having played both fairly extensively:

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