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  1. So 4000iu is the upper limit of tolerable but going out in the sun without a shirt generates 20,000iu in fifteen minutes. I hate these garbage articles.

  2. I didn't write the bullshit fear fake news article

  3. Well the good thing about this is that we now know our guy is on the right side of the history.

  4. https://www.thegamer.com/metro-author-dmitry-glukhovsky-wanted-russia-war-ukraine/

  5. Australian here, Albo is good. I am glad we got him in the office.

  6. In many global threads people let each other know where they are from that is all, I don’t know why you have such perception that where I live makes me an authority 🤷🏿

  7. Being Australian is not an occupation though, so chill out mate.

  8. I’m a huge hockey fan, live in Montréal. It’s getting to the point I want all Russian professional athletes sent home. Fuck off russia, all of you.

  9. Why are they even allowed to play at all anyway…

  10. Bench press is your medicine, on top of regular barbell bench press, do incline dumbbell press as well as decline presses to gain definition overall.

  11. I went to where he died last month, amazing part of the world, also so dangerous. Most beautiful beaches and wildlife and rainforests I have seen, but you gotta be careful, crocodiles, sharks, jellyfish…

  12. I lost my 19 year old sister to a traffic accident caused by a speeding driver doing 150 on 100 k road, my family never recovered emotionally from it. People think these ads are brutal, it’s nowhere near close to years long feeling of loss and injustice…

  13. Are you sure it’s nitric oxide causing it? Lot of supplements that has NO come with caffeine which increases blood pressure and causes faster heart rate in some.

  14. My dad would slap me silly so bad after this my cheeks would turn to jelly.

  15. Turkish here. When we were at high school, we were expected to learn the names of 7 continents, all major seas, capital cities of important countries, important events in history of mankind dating back to ancient times and back until modern day.

  16. Australian here. We have crocodiles and sharks here, some of which doesn’t care about people and if you actually swim past them they won’t come after you to shred you to pieces. They’ll mind their own business.

  17. Can you not say HONORABLE MENSHUN like a trisomy 21 kid and just give us her @?

  18. Why do I keep seeing these violent videos? I don’t even follow this page????

  19. Me to these young pampers love cutting the video short

  20. It’s CCTV camera, he was probably out of view so nothing more was there.

  21. I did not need to see this. I have lost a pet to an aggressive dog and I am fed up with morons who own untrained dogs too powerful for them to walk around. I hope both dogs are killed and owner is given a hefty fine if not jail time.

  22. I won't lie i feel bad for him he was prob struggling and just didnt wanna be homeless

  23. I don’t. He walked into small family business with a kid in a pram with a firearm and opened fire towards the street multiple times, he is obviously a selfish character who doesn’t care about other people, jail is a good place for him.

  24. Russia made a huge mistake with this war. Even if they win, you never want to make so many enemies with so much hatred. I was born in a war thorn country and I can tell you this; when people suffer extreme cruelty and injustice, they’ll come after you till apocalypse and chase you down until the furthest room in hell, you’ll never know peace.

  25. Dude on the other side almost got sucked in staring down, piece of land fell too. My generation would run the fuck away from these things, now people forget to do that because, you know, gotta record this shit.

  26. The silence from Russian authorities after this incident and the age of the missile (1967) combined with what its originally meant for (anti-ship/anti-satellite) tells me this is another Russian blunder. I have a feeling this was intended for someplace else but they messed up or missile simply couldn’t do what it supposed to do and landed on wrong target.

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