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  1. That must suck. All that weight sitting on your lungs all the time. It’s hard to imagine.

  2. When my parents caught me smoking they made me eat a pack of cigarettes. So I say make him eat a hole packet of ramen and watch him well he does it. That will teach him a lesson.

  3. The community justice thing is very popular here in South Africa. I’ve seen people get really messed up because they stole a phone or hit a girl. You would think the one deserved a bigger punishment then the other. But no. Most cops just stay out of it. There is just to many people.

  4. For reasons I can’t explain, this one hit me right in the dick.

  5. Honestly I used to have this view but with the idea that once you have sex with one of them or show real feelings for one of them then you cut ties with the others.

  6. With almost all of these types of videos the guy bursts out laughing and I look at it like maybe I would of just giggled a little. Maybe this is why I’m single.

  7. I think I understand what he is saying. But the opposite is true also. I think, kind of. Like if you want him to be let go. And then later you find out he was guilty, then you wanted him to get away with a very serious crime.

  8. I’ve always wanted a gummy BJ. So really, almost anybody that’s down.

  9. I can only do it sometimes but a really good piece of advice a friend gave me. When you go for the reset don’t aim for the very bottom of the ball. Aim for the bottom right/left. When you come off the ball it puts you in a better position to hit it.

  10. Well I feel really good about my size right now.

  11. My uncle used to do this. The family got him a thing to make it easier but he never used it. Most people think it’s a ego thing but not important, the important part? He has terrible back issues now. You can’t hug him with out him screaming in pain.

  12. South Africa has a long tradition in which it is the first time a person is killed by an armed man or by an enemy of a foreign nation or by an attack by an armed enemy or a group or by an unknown group or a foreign enemy in a conflict that has killed hundreds.

  13. It’s weird how she almost looks fake. Like one of those dolls. Almost uncanny.

  14. I’d be confused at first but assuming she does it in a way that I can be 100% sure she is talking to me. I’d probably just turn it into a bigger joke. Twerk a little, deep squat, slooow rise then very feminine walk away.

  15. I always hoped that I’d get to live to see the end of the world. Honestly it’s my motivation to exercise and stay healthy you never know when you might have to run away from a horde of zombies. I guess I don’t need to do that anymore.

  16. I suddenly got the urge to go and hug my dog. Honestly maybe I should call my mom well I’m at it.

  17. Me: Mom, can I have second. Mom: After your father sweetie.

  18. I’d sneak into an important persons home, drug them then take many pictures of them with there dick in my mouth. Then make them pay me to stay quiet. Edit: probably not legal, I don’t know.

  19. Me personally I got into using these like tummy high bicycle shorts as underwear. Mostly just like how it looks and it’s completely impossible so show any butt crack.

  20. Imagine if she didn’t notice her on the ground. This would be a very different kind of video.

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