1. Put it in a bag if you're worried. Or a bucket/bottle. I've done it by floating a small thin-walled bucket filled with ice in my sump so nothing would get "frostbite".

  2. It's the foundation for archaeology since always. Burying garbage off to the side of your dwelling was and is a very common practice. All over the world, old middens provide tons of historical context about what people ate, the tools they used, the art they made, and so on.

  3. After. You don't qualify for anything with a score of zero, so you kind of have to take the test before choosing a job.

  4. When I was in China Lake, I’d have done a lot to get into base housing. Not because it was nice, but the housing out in town is atrocious and BAH is hundreds short of the average unit.

  5. Well, it's Kern County. Off base, all you have is oil rigs, drought, and meth.

  6. I'm assuming you live in the barracks. No, your boyfriend cannot live in the barracks.

  7. My question is why is there a tank out in a middle of nowhere? And why do I keep seeing this?

  8. Something I've noticed throughout this whole thing is that Russia seems to rely very heavily on lone wolf tanks. They run around basically on their own. No infantry support, no air cover, nothing.

  9. The only thing they can actually hit is the broad side of a barn.

  10. You probably won't get much of a choice, so it really doesn't matter.

  11. Are there any German nuclear plants anywhere near the Rhine? There are only 3 left, as far as I know, and none of those are near the river at all.

  12. Rhine isn't the only river in Germany, and it's not the only river in Germany that is affected by the drought. All three remaining nuclear plants in Germany are built near rivers.

  13. Well, there are lots of rivers all over the world, but I asked because this article is specifically about the Rhine.

  14. My concern is that any time I see "non partisan" or "no party affiliation" on the ballot here in WA I assume Republican.

  15. I love the ones that run as "GOP" instead of "Republican".

  16. Just to clarify, no personal income tax. There’s corporate income tax.

  17. Both words come by way of German or French. Kрам is like "goods", so крамниця is "a place to buy/sell goods". Mагазин is similar to English "magazine", as in a storage location for goods, like a warehouse. The first could be more like "shop", the second could be more like "store". They're about as interchangeable in Ukrainian as they are in English.

  18. Yeah, we misunderstood each other. I would also say that Spanish and French are the best alternative 2nd lingua francas. And Mandarin of course.

  19. Monochrome colour schemes, especially on interiors. I used to think they were so clean and cool. Now I think they’re dull and lifeless. I used to only want black interiors, now it’s the only colour I don’t want for seats.

  20. What's your favorite color? Pick the uniform that's closest.

  21. You know what im describing has happened every single time a plant closed right?

  22. Do you mean Pontiac and Oldsmobile, which were a part of GM, which still exists? Or AMC, which was absorbed into Chrysler and Jeep, which also still exist?

  23. Well isn't that how the people voted. The people picked the people who they thing is most qualified.

  24. No, the entire country changed it. With a constitutional amendment, the 12th.

  25. Let's go further. Ranked choice, AND 1st becomes president, 2nd becomes vice president.

  26. We passed the 12th amendment right after our second election specifically because that system didn't work.

  27. Or Congress puts out a bill “for Vets!” That 10% and 90% pork. Geo. Washington brought up the issue of how the vets are treated once the shooting is done.

  28. Why did you abbreviate 'George', and why did you choose "Geo." to do it?

  29. They don't know. They're just making noises.

  30. I did im just waiting for my sponsor’s reply. Im nervous AF though for some reason

  31. You could also call the quarterdeck and have them log that you called. Just in case your sponsor drops the ball.

  32. Oh look, another episode where Moira is infected with an unknown space virus. I like the show, but damn 25% of the episodes are weird space virus that they solve in 44 minutes. If space is that infectious wtf does anybody use living ships?

  33. From what I remember, these were primary used by

  34. Frank Wilhoit: “Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition …There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.”

  35. Not that Frank Wilhoit, though. This is the other one.

  36. The "Uber effect". Before Uber double parking, blocking people, etc. was really frowned upon. Social shaming prevent people from willy nilly just parking anywhere they want. But with Uber, UberEats, etc. people just started parking anywhere they wanted, blocking traffic, etc. So now "regular" people just copy the practice.

  37. So you're saying Lofi Girl is actually inspired by this?

  38. It's a person sitting at a desk and working. It's not exactly a niche inspiration.

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