1. Moses Lake has the most hotels. About a 40 minute trip. Book now… they will fill fast now that dates are out.

  2. Gorge dates have been the same weekend since like forever. If people wanted to book they would have already

  3. Yes, I realize that it’s pretty much a given for that weekend, but people will hold off until it’s officially confirmed.

  4. Went in February 2022 after some rain, and it’s definitely muddy but totally passable. Might just need to do some fancy footwork to dodge the deeper puddles.

  5. Try the different telehealth options outside of Telus. Over the summer, I got an appointment a couple of hours later that same day when Telus, Maple, etc. were all booked for weeks. And it was covered. It was a doctor from the Lower Mainland I met with.

  6. I’m a leftie, and just used this mug intentionally after seeing this post. Did not notice or feel anything odd. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Can I get this done to my entire face? Is that even a thing?

  8. Kurves at Mayfair. They ask you to book (enter name, phone and pick service(s)) when you arrive just so they know how long the wait will be and you can go do other stuff if it’s going to be a bit.

  9. Its worth reading as long as you track down & read all the other books written about the same incident. Take all the books with huge self serving shakers of salt and form your own view. His is just the most famous and by far the most self serving. I won't read another one of his books because of it.

  10. I got through Under The Banner of Heaven, and it was much of the same. I recently read Anatoli Boukreev’s account and IMHO since he was part of the rescue efforts, is a more factual account (although as you point out, all are from their own POV).

  11. We definitely have not had a pod in the last couple of years, so that was a nice surprise. I was told by someone at a boutique that gingerbread would be part of it, but obviously they were wrong. I have tasted it, and it’s good- so one small disappointment. Thanks for all your work posting each day!

  12. I walked part of the Goose in Langford and it’s knee-deep. Definitely not good for a bike.

  13. Pretty sure I saw him in concert at the Royal theater back in the day.

  14. He opened for Tone Loc at what was Legends at the time (downstairs at the Strath for the young ‘uns). Snow was awful. Tone was fantastic.

  15. Sounds like Cordova Candles! She’s lovely, Vic West is a winner for me out of her neighbourhood series

  16. Fernwood and Esquimalt are my faves. Very different, but lovely scents.

  17. I believe there is only 1 decaf in this calendar, so no more screaming NO WHAMMIES when opening the doors.

  18. I used to love Solelio, but after going back to it recently, it definitely tastes different to me. Less flavourful. I still pop in a pod here or there, but it’s not a go-to like it once was.

  19. I’m so sorry your little one is so sick! Best wishes for a recovery soon.

  20. Did you do the full clean flush afterwards? You have to completely drain the tank. Check the manual- this is a common question.

  21. Checking in from Victoria, Canada. We’re a balmy 3 celsius at the moment as I enjoy my morning Stormio. I keep the espresso pods for afternoon pick me ups.

  22. Back in the day of paper FP/MaxPass, we saw people jump from the single rider line, and they got nailed by a CM asking to see their FP. Pro-tip: don’t be an a-hole.

  23. Two sweet ones in a row. Haven’t tried this one yet (I too need a strong one to start), but yesterday’s hazelnut was like a bag of sugar.

  24. are prices going up in other countries too? pods are already 2x the price in the US than they are in europe… wtf nespresso

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