1. It's still not released here in Mexicooooo ;-;

  2. ... Look how they massacred my boi... ;-;

  3. Poor boi not having too many pew pew powers...

  4. Imagine something like this in Shin UltraSeven, I NEED that ;-;

  5. My first time hearing Sonic's voice in Frontiers, good lord that's a VERY grown up voice

  6. They can change forms, Ultras transform from human (host or themselves) to Ultra or also some super form, Transformers from transports to humanoids

  7. Oh wow, so I'm not the only one!; I too believe the New Agul could be a woman, OR maybe a being that requires no host and instead has a human form, basically an Ultraman Justice made by Earth, ooorrrr maybe it's the two, an Ultrawoman that requires no host

  8. Wanna take you!, baby, take me higher!

  9. I knew this was a troll but, this is a nice surprise, at least to me


  11. I love the deadliest ones that will guarantee a Kaiju's death. Blowing things up isn't worth it. You can only be sure that something's dead when it has been vaporized/disintegrated.

  12. Frigging Dissolver Ray, I'd never think anyone would ever pick anything from Great or Powered, I like your choices a lot!! (Nexus ny boi)

  13. Wow, I'm surprised how many love Ace's violent finishers; not that it's bad, just unexpected "-^

  14. Zetton realizing it's about to die to a missile just after defeating the "Kaiju exterminator expert"

  15. Im spanish so for me DSimons and DokamDave are the spanish goats

  16. Truth. Y’all gonna down vote me aren’t you

  17. Aw thanks. This post came just at the right time. Damn my inability to draw

  18. Some people have talent and improve ridiculously fast, others have steady progress, others take multiple years to improve

  19. Maybe I cam give you more of that... actually that gave me an idea >uo

  20. To me it's fine if they use weapons, but not toy-looking weapons; everytime they're using them I CAN'T stop thinking about the producers planning about merch already (understandable as they'd want profit but still)

  21. If you mean BACK then, meh, I mean they're setting the bar, the rules and what to expect by default

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