1. Yeah, I would assume it isn’t full length beams, that would be a colossal waste.

  2. I think it depends on the severity of the disability. If we count mental disorders, damn near everyone has a disability. I think bad experiences are part of dealing with life. I know I have had mine, yet I'm sure glad I get to experience the ride anyway.

  3. I heard the same argument about my middle schoolers, and the district instituted an informal no homework policy a few years ago, except for math. Most of the kids are now grade levels behind in basic skills, but what a victory for the all-knowing parents who freed up their kid’s time so they can text their friends more and make more tik toks.

  4. It feels meaningful to say that there is research showing no positive links between homework and course performance.

  5. Working as an assistant teacher, camp counselor, after school program staff, weekend program staff—- anything that puts you in front of children is going to be good experience.

  6. Doesn’t do much good if a professor only has like two reviews. Or if that’s the only review.

  7. If its the kind of thing that 1 person should be lifting by themselves then they can probably do it just the same. If its the kind of thing that a company expects big burly guys to sacrifice their bodies for they need to be using equipment anyway.

  8. This isn’t how it works. Not an expert but… jobs need to provide reasonable accommodations. The person must be able to compete the essential function of a job. This would mean for certain types of physical labor a wheelchair user would be unable to reasonably complete the work and could denied employment on those grounds. Furthermore, it’s an interactive process. Kinda like a lot of back and forth.

  9. This happens. Depending on the student, the teacher, consistency, and misbehavior

  10. I don't get it. We don't own our classrooms? There are also legitimate reasons to know admin might need to know the math curriculum you are using.

  11. I don’t get it either. Like, poking around in my personal stuff without asking. That’s messed up.

  12. I understand the curriculum question since I’m my district there are 3-4 and teacher decide which program to put kids in based on individual needs. But I’m lost as to why asking would be problematic. The admin is ultimately responsible for student learning so keeping track of who’s teaching what is absolutely their business.

  13. Asking what curriculum I’m using in January isn’t a good look from supervisor who (in theory) should know what I’m doing at that time of Year.

  14. some are boring, some are ugly, but to me the giants are the only one that are BOTH boring and ugly

  15. I just want the “they do exist” commercial but with a replacement of Maya Rudolph

  16. I'd say even comparing math to writing is absurd. Not that they don't share similarities. But writing is about so much more than simply being able to communicate an idea. Writing is language, which is tied to identity and politics and power. Language is the vehicle for thought itself, meaning if everyone is using AI, everyone is thinking the same way, and that is highly problematic. Within writing studies, there's lots of discussion about things like student agency and a students right to their own language. I don't hear much from the math department regarding students' right to their own numbers.

  17. I think comparing a calculator to a spell checker/grammarly/etc would be more appropriate

  18. It's even a minor pun in Discworld. Gnolls are a species obsessed with trash and wear it to the point that they look like walking compost piles, including grass growing on them.

  19. “It’s a minor pun in discworld” could by the opening line of most comments.

  20. When we lived where we had well water fluoride was offered to us. Well child check ups are about SO MUCH MORE than vaccines and such. It makes me crazy that people don't do them just because of those. THEY ARE OPTIONAL. No one is holding down your kid for these things. My friend had a baby diagnosed with brain cancer and they only knew because of how his head circumference had changed in percentiles between his well child visits.

  21. I mean... I have heard of practices dropping patients who refuse vaccines. But, this is all anecdotal and still seems rare. I could also see that patients were dropped by being HIGHLY COMBATIVE about vaccines and the narrative gets twisted in the retelling.

  22. This is really foolish to me. Hypothetically, let's say that she convinced a real doctor that the kid actually needed a medical exemption. The dad could just get a note from another real doctor that the kid doesn't actually need the exemption? I'm guessing in this scenario the judge would order an evaluation by an independent doctor. I just don't see in what world this ploy works.

  23. I think the plan might be "win via exhaustion". If we keep pushing back, the other person might just give up.

  24. Teaching five 1 hr long classes (even though there are 3 subjects) doesn’t sound abnormal to me. Not saying that it’s good or fair- but, that’s not uncommon.

  25. Is it possible they showed him real gold, but in the end palmed the genuine stuff and handed him the fake?

  26. I have Magic and Scarlet Witch in my deck and it honestly is super fun to change locations strategically. I’m not good at it. But there’s something satisfying about removing a wakanda, mojo world, or space throne when you can see your opponent made bets about those locations.

  27. Are you getting this question second hand filtered through the lens of a 5-6 year old?

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