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  1. Could you do a shaman one? If no it’s fine your work is amazing!

  2. I’m kinda getting tired of for honor everytime I’m excited about a new hero rework or new hero or anything new in general it just turns out to be either shit or broken

  3. The feintable kick to a gb or land the kick and get a free heavy, dodge recoveries on everything, I’m not talking about this specifically cuz medjay was shit but pirate incredibly strong and valks rework just seems even worse than she was before

  4. -He always brought laugh to his comrades

  5. Really? If so well played i did all the wrong reads against you

  6. If we get a hero with a scythe it’ll be my new main no doubt, especially if he can deflect 😩

  7. In the Medjay reveal stream they said Zhanhu is next and that his execution is effects heavy. They might have said shaman is coming thr one after that and I missed it.

  8. Oh ok sorry I didn’t know. Btw how do u put your main under your name like that it looks cool?

  9. There's a thing in the side bar where you can adjust your flair.

  10. Thank you for gitting gud instead of screaming for a rework

  11. First time I’ve seen someone not argue that, we’re improving people.

  12. You shall get an actual Mcdonald's outfit (nice outfit btw lol)

  13. Thanks lol I spent an hour trying to do the McDonald’s logo

  14. Doesn’t warden already have a dodge attack? If u count the bash

  15. That’s not really a dodge attack it a dodge bash but u can take another example like warlord who doesn’t have a dodge nor a dodge bash imagine him having zerks dodge attack wouldn’t that look sloppy ?

  16. Well I think since it guarantees damage it should be a dodge attack and if they are too use reused animations they wouldn’t give warden zerks they’d give him someone who likes they would fit in with wardens style

  17. I bet u can’t name me 1 dodge attack that would fit wardens style

  18. At first I wanted to chase the orochi but the ladder blessed me with a free kill

  19. I don’t think it’s healthy to grind like this man

  20. Infinite unblockable 50ms light chain that can be feinted and has an all guard that kills you instantly if you touch him

  21. all of his perks make you and your team invincible, and makes the other team instantly kill themselves while giving you all the zones automatically

  22. Pinkish smoke is blaze of mayhem it’s from a 15k steel outfit I don’t remember which one

  23. You mean the flowers effect? Cuz I’m asking the flowers one

  24. Ohhh igu it’s the cherry blossom from the pit viper mythical outfit

  25. Little tip, you can all guard right after any attack so if they dodge attack you can easily counter it with all guard if timed correctly

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