1. sonia byakuya and nagito look like siblings byakuya being the oldest sonia being the youngest and nagito middle lol

  2. correct me if i am wrong but Byakuya was the one who made a comment about it or he had talked about it so maybe she did something with him

  3. i feel like maybe Kaito Leon and Aoi did i don't know why but it just seems like they might

  4. as a person who is in the server (i am Bakugo's_waifu) I think it is horrible that had happened and even more horrible that he will probably not get into legal trouble i really hate that some ped0s get away with there crimes the server is amazing (mostly lol some ppl are a little toxic ngl) but besides that it is a place to make so many friends and evry mod i have met on the server is so funny ^^

  5. True that. Whether an impersonation or not even those that impersonate is still wrong, it's not funny.

  6. i was saying all the mods are funny and that i encourage ppl to join not that the situation was funny

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