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  1. Being a doctor in the NHS is getting more and more stressful.

  2. So is it about needing more doctors or about pay?

  3. I think it’s wrong and stupid to refuse business to gay people, or discriminate against people for anything they have no control over.

  4. No blacks? No Jews? Would that be OK too?

  5. The person above is clearly making a reference to the idea of protected classes.

  6. I don't understand. The case is about gay people, isn't it?

  7. Rising star in the CA GOP jumps on the anti-vax bandwagon and pays for it with her life.

  8. I really don't see why the state should value the lives of two would-be burglars to the extent that an up until then law abiding man should have his life turned upside down for trying to apprehend them.

  9. No we should not be applauding this dickhead. He could easily have killed someone else.

  10. What's this bullshit about electric SUVs?

  11. What was the thing that Elon wanted to impose on other people?


  13. Not how the sub works. But you're clearly very EXCITED.

  14. What bad thing was he trying to impose on everyone else? Is this LAMF or just being a dumbass?

  15. Hold them accountable by not watching.

  16. But her opponent Katie Hobbs is Secretary of State RUNNING HER OWN ELECTION! Are we supposed to believe that a infantile, racist, incompetent woman who barely campaigned, didn’t debate, didn’t have a huge following of supporters like Kari Lake did, ran her own election where during the counting process in Maricopa, Penske trucks were dumping bamboo ballots flown in from the southeast part of Asia and stuffed in a box and last but not least, she green lighted the electronic voting machines programmed by Hugo Chavez and Maduro that conveniently malfunctioned on Election Day disenfranchising mainly Republican voters (estimated to be at 22,000 Republican voters and the margin of victory was at 17,000 votes). Are we supposed to believe that she legitimately “won”? This election must be overturned and Kari Lake should never concede. Denying the election being fraudulent is exactly like claiming that the Uvalde and Sandy Hook tragedies didn’t happen

  17. Yes, we are. That shit is all made up by a crybaby sore loser.

  18. Your rather confrontational tone aside, the point I'm making is that she had many backers on that and other issues. It's all very well to look with hindsight and say "well of course she was an incompetent mess", but the fact is her policy platform had plenty of support.

  19. Look I can't walk you through the whole discussion all over again. Track back through the thread.

  20. You're incorrectly conflating lending and the creation of credit with the total money supply.

  21. Wrong. He's correctly conflating them.

  22. They are all Left of where your party was just a short while ago. Hell, I still remember Obama eVoLvInG on gay marriage like it was yesterday.

  23. Not antagonising our allies is "to the left"? Are you high?

  24. It means not making the US the laughing stock of the whole world, as it became under Trump.

  25. A Zionist organization endorsed Trump and is now upset that he's had dinner with two anti-Semites.

  26. OK but could you explain how it's LAMF instead of just giving a summary?

  27. The air quality in London is shit. Either we take it seriously or it carries on being shit.

  28. Fuck the whataboutism, it's a serious issue and is going to be swept under the rug.

  29. So we should sweep Qatar under the rug as well?

  30. My point is heresay vs straight from the horses mouth

  31. Your point doesn't really make any sense then, because the BBC article has a named inspector going on the public record. That's not hearsay, is it?

  32. I don't know what you want from me. I expect some kind of argument.

  33. It is normal for written sources, which anyone can check, to be preferred over some random person's recollection from years ago, which no-one can check. The other poster has already given you two. But if you want to be stubborn then of course I can't stop you.

  34. "Free Speech" folks claiming and believing that Elon Musk should or would allow Alex Jones back onto Twitter, when Musk is obviously extremely pissed at the guy considering he stated he has lost a child.

  35. There is nothing genuine about Shake. He's a self-loathing, deeply insecure misogynist and he was on the wrong show. Everyone saw how utterly superficial he is...his opinions and experiences are from a place of fakeness and cultural disdain for women. His way of thinking puts down thinking women in order for him to feel self-important and uses a certain lifestyle to try and compensate. He belittles because he is little.

  36. One can be all of those things and still genuine. One can be a nasty person and still genuine. "Genuine" doesn't mean "nice". But if you want hypocrisy, there's no-one to beat the producers and presenters of the show.

  37. Its oversight...he was genuinely disrespectful and openly an awful human being who is evidently in touch with his below- the-basement self. Even hit on Vanessa in Nick's presence. Its abundantly clear he is genuine about being nasty and not nice.

  38. I'm sure Nick and Vanessa won't be crying about that as they rake in the millions.

  39. Fucking bullshit. If he was winning, you can bet they wouldn't cry about being "used".

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