1. I didn’t do that today but did it a couple days ago. I noticed it’s only on my iPad but tried it on my phone and it’s fine. It’s weird though

  2. oh ok Well do it today on your iPad to see if is does anything.

  3. I did and nope still being weird. It might just be my iPad or something.

  4. Oh maybe, did you try not playing with zepto for a while then playing with the app later on? Try that.

  5. I know I already said thank you, but I want to thank you again for sending this link. After filling it out the team took action immediately and removed the profile pic from the copycat. I appreciate your help.

  6. Oh ok, you’re welcome, that’s cool that they took action.

  7. I think the people who have been working on on the Amelia Darnell fan made game has been working on a similar engine for their game but idk if it’s open source.

  8. You should keep grinding campaigns as they will give you boons that need help you in the game to get to that move item level based zones. Welcome back to the game.

  9. The point is that I don't need it if I can't find someone like me who's noob enough but knowledgeable enough about games to be able to get stronger together. I don't wonna add pros as friends, I'd have no fun like that.. I'd still gladly join one of those guilds, I believe I can learn something about the community this way

  10. I see your point sometimes you would have to go in the leveling zone to find new players like you like the neverdeath graveyard or something, but New players won’t know too much unfortunately and that why they look for guilds to help the new player out. Oh ok, you can learn this way too by asking questing here or the neverwinter forms

  11. The Neverwinter Wiki is a community project. (As are most Wikis)

  12. That's strange honestly... I would have assumed Market is cheaper on PC because more people craft and play on there as Opposed to the Console version.

  13. Wow you ranted alright or made a discussion topic, but I agree.

  14. Not sure hopefully we will find out when the final episode of rainbowvison comes out.

  15. This is all free content right?? I get some of you don't like it but the entitlement is kinda gross like... it's free

  16. Yes, it is free, I do understand why some people are upset by this though.

  17. I mean the level of anger is what gets me, like how good is your life to be that negatively affected by a free youtube video lol

  18. Lol I think you mean “how bad can your life be.” Lol people have been waiting for the Rainbowvision final for a while now so it’s understandable that that fandom is upset with the show and how it comes out.

  19. Did you uninstalling then reinstall the game?

  20. Yep all 12 episodes of the first season are out as of yesterday. Season 2 is coming in Spring 2023 and I am assuming will conclude the story :)

  21. Yeah, they either post screenshots from the show, fanart, or whatever else to keep fans engaged. I really hope the social media manager who runs the account is being paid well.

  22. Yeah, the account was the same one that promoted the Summer of Sandiego on there (it includes interviews on Instagram), I think this past summer. And do to the excitement over that (as there should be) they announced spinoffs were in the process.

  23. The Christmas song, we’ll be fine, play it loud.

  24. In the USA, we have both names, 4kids used Layla then Nick used Aisha then any company who had the show kept Aisha. I loved the name Layla though.

  25. Yikes. Don’t like that one bit. Like ultimately it’s a video game. Yes, we are all super bummed at how the series has turned out, but this person is weirdly threatening. I feel bad for Roo having to read this.

  26. I see your point though, I slightly disagree I don’t think they were being aggressive but upset imo but I see your point though.

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