1. Dun Scaith my beloved.... My guiding moonlight...

  2. But isn’t that the perfect place to hide being a drug addict? Being “zenned out” all the time?

  3. In Thailand? Literal criminal could become a monk and the law will suddenly not be able to reach them now that they are holy.

  4. My brother in law said you can buy yabba even in the rural villages now.

  5. Yaba? Inflation hits them hard. Last I heard they are cheaper than instant noodle.

  6. Got everything except PLD and BLU to 90! The thought of not having to do Zot again for a while fill my heart with joy!

  7. Does jumping affect meteors in this game? Got the second Shadowbringers alliance raid in my roulettes today and got to the annoying meteors part on the 3rd boss. At one point I kept jumping up and down in the meteors just as it was about to go off and by the time I noticed it was swapping between the "has enough/does not have enough" players state it went off and the whole alliance got a vuln up.

  8. Hi! I know it's 3 days old but I got a chance to test it out and weirdly, the 3rd boss meteor 'Synthesize Compound' DOES detect whether you are jumping or not, and if you are in the air during jumping it will not count you. So yeah, once you go in there best not to jump at all.

  9. Stupid question, but why do people overmeld with lower level materia? Is there a downside to overmelding with higher grade Materia?

  10. Another note is that the lower materia grade are more likely to be successfully overmelded onto much higher level item.

  11. To spiritbond with ilvl 560 gathering gear should I focus on legendary gathering nodes? I have the Trader’s Token but have not bought the book yet. I am hoarding UT botanist materials and see that spiritbond do grow albeit slowly. Have not overmelded the gear yet.

  12. You should overmeld your gear with random cheap materia. You will then spiritbond much faster. Max overmeld + that spiritbond potion and you're capped on the buffs, afterwards you will gain full spiritbond in just a few nodes. You want max attempts iirc so spam Ageless Words to get more attempts so you get more bond per node. They have to be the unspoiled legendary nodes tho to get the good bond.

  13. Thank you! I’ll go sift through my materia and bought the books ASAP

  14. The mining/botanist-ing things are in Gathering Log. Find an item there that matches the quest *item* name. The quest dialogue also says which culture they want to emulate, which means you can fairly easily deduct where to go to gather the material.

  15. At that level Essential Dignity + Benefic 2 should do it. The guide also says that the Doom can be avoided by turning away when he uses Soul Douse. The timer is pretty generous though, so you should be able to recover.

  16. Im still new to the game and i just leveled up my smn to 90, i want to try another caster and i like the BLM so i check some resources but they got me scared. Can any BLM main on playstation or controller can answer if its too confusing/demanding to play? Are there any good beginner guides out there?

  17. Black Mage has the easiest rotation. The main idea is that you use Fire spells (and some other explodey stuffs) until you run out of MP, then switch to Ice spells to regenerate MP, then back to Fire spells etc. and try to keep on the enemy Thunder DoT. The harder part comes from optimizing (trying to get as many Fire out as possible before witching, keeping up the DoT at appropriate time, sneaking in Polyglot spells and such) and that their spells have such long cast time, you usually would need to know where to go and plant your feet in advance so that you can keep your uptime.

  18. I'm on Crystal - Diabolos and the older raid still pops up during prime time. I mostly do Nier now so it's been a while but yes, people still run Orbonne.

  19. Been a while since I've healed there but most of the time wall-to-wall are fine. Pull all mobs to the spots of light ant burst them down. The part after Winged Lion is not in my memory so it must be pretty standard game.

  20. You use deaths design as a filler as long as you're not overcapping it or using it during Arcane Circle. The main time I always double apply it is right before raid buffs because it acts as a buffer on Enshroud's cooldown. With 7 or 8 seconds left on circle, finish your Slice combo to not drop potency, enshroud, double deaths design, void reaping then arcane circle

  21. Noted. I forgot I can use it during Enshroud. Currently only 85 so I will have some time to practice.

  22. Reaper is a hollow and empty job pre-90 💀 don't worry about literally any rotation except hitting positional and enhanced versions of gibbet and gallows until 90 and not drifting gluttony or arcane circle. Everything changes when you get Communio and Plentiful Harvest

  23. If I understand correctly, Communio is used as Enshroud phase closer right? Oh and I will get to Plentifully Harvest at Ktisis so hopefully I can get everything in order by that time! Thank you so mhach!

  24. I started playing this year so i'm still grinding out Zhloe's but hey! Congratulations!

  25. I wish there was more to buy with scripts that made good profit to keep me motivated to do them after I maxed out my crafters

  26. Crafter and Gatherer materia would be in demand once 6.3 drops! I'm overmelding my gears for spiritbond (for more matria...) and can say that one would need a whole lot of those blue and green stones.

  27. Lore wise anything you choose is canon in your universe, so I don’t know what the problem is? Did you choose one and later regret it? Why?

  28. I like looking at all the facts before making a decision. Was pretty burnt out by the game at that time. Didn't think like I should have :(

  29. If it helps the result would be just different appearance of that stela, and in the long run it does not really matter. It does not even get brought up again I think.

  30. So I know it's mostly just the character names but does anyone have the HW Hildibrand cutscenes but with a more readable font?

  31. I... don't think there is? The 'credit' part is supposed to be like, an in-universe aesthetic kind of thing.

  32. I am going to make and overmeld 560 crafter gears for quick spiritbonding and stockpiling materia. Based on

  33. Elpis tries to foreshadow why Meteion goes the way she does.

  34. Literally in her fight she (they?) says "The hatred, the pain the loss, we cannot suffer it again!" so I think that's pretty clear that she is just lashing out from suffering the sufferings of everything everywhere all at once.

  35. Oh my it's April? Okay I might focus on Relic weapon and use Lunar Envoy weapon for glam pieces because wow that is a long time from now and I would have like just, 3 Lunar Envoy weapons max.

  36. correct, the lunar envoy set will require coins from both aglaia and the new raid to augment, and the 6.4-6.5 tome set will need coins from all 3 alliance raids (or savage drops). Alternatively, you can buy the upgrade items with hunt currency (sacks of nuts), but there's a pretty limited bank for that

  37. As an alliance raid enthusiast I am elated. Thank you so much!

  38. By the current pattern, Menphina, the Lover would be the final boss of Sophrosyne, not Halone.

  39. Is there a Hrothgar friendly red mage hat? I'm enjoying red mage but I'm definitely getting hat envy in this job.

  40. Hroths cannot wear any red mage exclusive hat. Maybe Darbar Casting hat from Alzadaal's? Though that one is very fluffy.

  41. I know I just have to git gud but how does DRG main handle all the positionals + 356 oGDCs + buffs + gauge everything everywhere all at once? Can't believe I told my friend once I hit 50 DRG "It was sooooo simple getting here I'm so bored." and now I have to keep my eyes (ha) on Geirskogul CD and high Jump CD and remember whether I'm doing rear or flank combo and see if Life Surge is coming up and forgetting to use Spineshatter Dive and/or Dragonfire Dive and wait is that Transmute Manusya Fire where am I supposed to go again?

  42. I want to add that The Four Lords contains my absolute favorite single player duty. It is a parody of every bad roulette trial you've ever done.

  43. Oh my god that part! I remember dying once because I was distracted by Tataru failing everything lmao.

  44. A lot of the CE’s are not worth it unless they spawn during the downtime while waiting for the regular fates to spawn.

  45. That’s the thing from most of my experience. There were a lot of downtime between Z3 fates and people just sit around not trying to spawn things. Instead of squeezing maybe 1-2 CE per session there would be just... sitting there?

  46. I can’t remember exactly what my numbers were a year ago when I ran all of the jobs through it but I think the regular fates alone were 8.8M exp/hr.

  47. Agree with some CE not worth doing (the elemental snake and the lucavis are pretty rough), but I think Zadnor's CE is on average easier than Southern Front's, so I kind of prefer if I could do it in addition of fates.

  48. Because while it is a niche interaction, it’s not a bug, it’s expected behavior given how the game is coded.

  49. I am aware that it is a more niche interaction and not really a bug, I was just thinking more about UI/UX thing. This interaction might inconvenient some player who are not aware of the order of effect execution so I lean more a bit on 'fixing' it so that it would not confuse them. But to each their own.

  50. do any change cost on upgrade, could be they generate at 0 get upgraded and then go to the upgradecost if that changes

  51. I think this is the reason. Chrysalis works first, generating cards and changing their cost, then Master Reality triggers the upgrades, and thus the cost of upgraded version overrides the 0-cost caused by Chrysalis.

  52. Currently on the free trial, but looking to purchase the SDS Fenrir (Cloudstrife Bike) on the mogstation cash shop.

  53. It says on Free Trial Rule & Restriction that you cannot purchase 'certain optional items' so I guess that applies on most online store purchase.

  54. 2) If you're holding it 30s every time just to line up with buffs, then after holding it 3 times, you would have held it for a total of 90s, which means you lost 1 whole use of Riddle of Wind...and losing a use of Any skill for any avoidable reason is a 100% DPS lost.... you're getting maybe a 3% gain now but losing 100% DPS or more by holding it constantly just to try and align for buffs. Plus, it's cooldown naturally aligns with buffs anyways....since it will be up at 90, 180s/3mins (you'll have 1min buff here), 270s, 360s/6mins (You'll have every buff here) and so on

  55. Ahhhh when you put it that way I can understand it now! Thank you so much!

  56. The good thing about new sets is that everyone and their grandmother's sister's baby's cousin's roommate's best friend will be in a mad dash trying to be the first to list the new mats to make a quick gil. This always results in prices being in the toilet by the time the sun rises that day. This makes for a buyer's market so you can just buy most mats on the cheap.

  57. I want to be self-sufficient but I did just buy Ancient Lumber from MB because I couldn’t be bothered. Do you suggest me buying HQ mats to craft the set for myself or just wait for the set to saturate the market?

  58. Since it's so late in the patch cycle, you can probably score the full Pactmaker set at a relatively good price. If your gil purse is fat enough, head to the Universalis site and check out the listings across the data centers. The real expense will come from dumping your purse out for materia needed for optimum stats.

  59. Thank you! I’ll check the market board.For materia. I fortunately have level 90 CRP and level 90 CUL so hopefully those integral collectible and that sykon dessert can help supply scrips needed.

  60. Here's hoping we get an Allied Quest this time around! At the very least at least 2 of the Tribes do make sense to share story

  61. Aiming Gloves from Weeping City, and it was before I understand the need/greed system so I was only able to roll greed as a healer since I main healer at the time. Can’t remember how long it took (possibly 30+I think) but I have become the Weeping City expert by that point.

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