Kmart has a doll with Down’s Syndrome

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

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  1. Absolutely!! Just getting started and was pleasantly surprised to read about pasta soaking. Just the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure! Very anxious to discover more cool techniques to perfect some great timeless recipes.

  2. Kenji today uploaded a video on his YouTube of him spatchcocking a chicken

  3. My dog died they night before christmas eve, had a lovely Frozen ground dig. We celebrate on Christmas eve. Just picture a bunch of idiots opening gifts and then having to walk away every once and a while and cry & constantly talking about how much she would have loved this. Now my whole household has covid so we are thriving right now.

  4. Yes & no. It's a metaphor for gentrification except instead of grouping together and slowly watching them die, you're hoping those who are rich and able to afford armor/weapons/ect are going to kill the people struggling the most.

  5. My boyfriend is a substitute for a school I work for. He rescheduled a dentist appointment once because I was sick as could be and he took my job. Truly one of the best things

  6. Literally, it's just practice and time. I can throw a snack to an imp right at them perfectly. You'll get it down.

  7. Aqua teen hunger force, Shutter island, Eric Andre movie, Trailer park boys, Letterkenny, American dad, Chowder, Midbight gospel, Curb your enthusiasm, The good place(if you're commited to a mind trip) It's always sunny in Philadelphia

  8. I'd say to not press charges, but make a report to the police.

  9. Okay.... But telling him you're impressed with his behavior just ensures that he might do it again... Potentially making him feel shitty. You're almost 20 years apart. He's insecure and has to prove something to you.

  10. Lol, my local walmart has a bunch of "law enforcement only" right next to the handicap spots.

  11. Getting a birthday card for not only my animals, but also me with a lovely coupon and a free toy code for the pets.

  12. Lol that cats gonna jump that without even touching the barrier

  13. Had no idea they were together! Hell yeah. Happy for them!

  14. It looks a lot like my papillon as well! Such a cutie

  15. Everyone is already saying what you need to hear. But I would like to add in, eventually if this patches it self out, if you're currently being like "Wow! They aren't your friends! You just met them!" That's gonna push him further away. It's very likely that these friends he has have saved him from dark places/been there for him/put a smile on his face.

  16. I have a hard time forgiving him for everything that went down with Cristina.

  17. Outing an abortion to everyone of her coworkers and peers by calling her a baby murderer is a hard thing to get past. I forgot the severity of their end.

  18. He chooses vodka over no vodka. Has nothing to do with grandkids.

  19. Very nice way to think about it; doesn't hurt less, but it would give more closure. Hating what alcohol did to him is different than hating who he is or hating who he became. All of that hate is valid depending on your experiences.

  20. I don’t drink, that’s how! Stop putting poison in your body and improve your life instantly 😊. I was a drinker for 12 years and I quit when my second was born, i have been sober almost a year now and life gets better every day. If this morning you are thinking you might want to quit but don’t know how or are afraid of life without alcohol, shoot me a dm or start a convo in this thread. Stay strong fellas, enjoy the hangovers I will enjoy not having one haha 😆

  21. Ya hate to see a "higher than thou" attitude. Especially when it comes from a former addict giving "advice" to current addicts.

  22. I'm more of a cold-water shower type of gal. But truly, drinking water is good! but halfway through the night, my throat gets so dry, I'm waking up every 15-30 minutes by 2 am, cause I can barely open my lips. Drinking a shit ton of water/Gatorade/(i like Pedialyte), while drinking is perfect for me, but gage your own activity levels, drinking levels, time of day you work, and what you do for work. Every time I drink water once I wake up if I haven't eaten, (which is hard due to meds), I'm gonna cough and then dry heave and that's fucking horrible. All of these comments are good advice, you just kind of have to find what's best for you & it may involve some trial and error.

  23. Take the dog and run. If they want to file a report they're gonna have a lot of questions hit them back in the face. "Did you buy the dog?" "No..." "Do you have paper work for the dog? "..." "Vet records? Regestration costs?" "N...o.." "Okay & this dog has been living in your home?" "Well no, but.."

  24. At least once a week I have a coworker joke about drinking to get through the day. No one says ya I gotta do blow to go to work. The legality of it is different. It's casual. You invite people to the bar; not at a table to do cocaine.

  25. It took me 6 tries to up vote this rather than closing the thread because I'm so drunk

  26. She wasn't on the plane. That's true. A completely different type of trauma.

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