1. This is my biggest pet peeve. You drive anywhere after the sun goes down and you'll find one of these drivers for sure

  2. Lights are automatic. They’ll turn themselves on when darkness is detected.

  3. Even though lights are automatic you still have to set it to the auto setting in order for it to work

  4. Best tasting broth broth and the only place in town that also sells banh mi

  5. Well actually, Nguyens makes a mean Bahn MI. But I prefer the pho from Chao's

  6. I didn't know they also sold banh mi. Thanks for that I live closer to Nguyen's.

  7. Oh yeah. Their Bahn mi is probably the best in Guelph imo

  8. Bathing suit, swim diaper, towel for the toddler. And swimming gear and towel for yourself

  9. Thing Is I'm only here on weekends to see my gf and she said she's trying to get her landlord's to deal with it cause they gave me the permits. But worse case ontario yeah I should win in court

  10. Your first order of business is tell the prosecutor to shut the f up and wipe that stupid grin off his face cause it's distraculating your case

  11. Barb, Keep it down those are my personal burgers

  12. I’m a huge fan of Campus Estates, they’ve been spectacular and I find them to be reasonably priced compared to others in the area

  13. Definitely expensive. We moved to Southgate Animal Hospital after being with Campus Estates for a few years

  14. There apparently is a dirty burger in Peterborough, Ontario:

  15. Stupid question. What kinda shorts are those?

  16. I know there are some great fucking trains here in Bangor!

  17. Hey CM_Archangel Any word on whether the Boston Celtics are keeping their core together going forward after this NBA finals loss?

  18. Tatum was exposed in the Finals. Horford is getting old and I question if he'll be able to do that again next season

  19. Hot Hamburger SANDWICHES! ... Equals hot pull the fuck over

  20. If you don't hate Boston, I'm sorry but you are not a true Raps fan my guy

  21. How long is a ride downtown Toronto right now?

  22. Currently 1hr and 26 mins. When I used to commute to Toronto, I would drive to Milton Go and train from there. Only 1hr train ride and free parking

  23. Oh jeeze 1hr26 is a long way to get to downtown Toronto. Plus you need to get to the train and park and pay the fair and drive back from the station. Obviously it isn't a terrible option but it also isn't very attractive right now.

  24. Nope. It's pretty horrible. There's alot of stops in between

  25. Nice disguise Bubbles, you may be able to fool the FBI, but you can't fool the FB-Me

  26. I fuckin thought that guy looked familiar lol. Even though I've seen the episode I never connected them lol. 🤯. Guess that's what happens when you smoke like Ricky

  27. He's also the corporate guy that rents out T's hotbox bus

  28. I haven't had weed like this in years boys, years!

  29. Oof. I was at this game. The Warriors were jumping for joy after because it was a record breaking win for Don Nelson

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