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  1. I find it interesting that Abbott said Texas would stop rape once abortion was criminalized. Why didn’t they stop rape before? Why haven’t they stopped it now?

  2. Also, what actions has his office taken to stop rape in Texas after he made those promises?

  3. I believe that's the case. The only alternative I could see to prevent that is to somehow create additional highway that runs past the airport into Bay View and up the Hoan, and I don't know how feasible that is.

  4. Really seems like the loss of federal funding alone would murder this project.

  5. Here in Kansas the democratic governor Laura Kelly narrowly won reelection and a big issue was transgender people in sports. Kelly had vetoes 2 bills barring transgender men from competing in womens sports and it really came back to bite her. A story like this coming out would not have helped.

  6. Do people really care about this story that much? She won by over 2 percentage points. Plus this story has absolutely nothing to do with Kansas.

  7. I went to UWM pre Covid. They may have changed since. The Student Union at UWM isn’t bad either. However, I used to get approached by homeless people quite often in there while trying to study. So I’d go to the Library more

  8. I really never understood why they let homeless people hang out in the Union all day. UWM police shooting a homeless person on campus a few years ago showed why that was a bad idea.

  9. These are public buildings. By law, they have to be open, at least to the common areas.

  10. Aren’t the Madison unions access controlled?

  11. America benefits immensely by a stable world, our entire trade system relies upon it.

  12. I wish that everyone could understand this. Instead a large portion of the population thinks “Why are we sending billions and billions of free dollars to Ukraine when American families are struggling so much here?”. Thankfully both sides of the political aisle in DC understand why letting a dictatorship take over the largest and one of the most resource rich countries in Europe would be disastrous policy.

  13. What? I have absolutely no idea how you could say “This seems like a much bigger issue than it is” in good faith. You’re completely ignoring the fact that a nursing home let a patient’s gangrenous limb fester for weeks/months. And then they didn’t immediately call 911 when they discovered necrosis so severe that auto amputation occurred.

  14. I find the deer one especially bad for him.

  15. Rich and famous are one thing. Especially in the states with no universal healthcare. Money does buy you at least the safety net of healthcare.

  16. The far better diet and exercise that comes with wealth is likely a much bigger factor well-being than healthcare access. Look at the rates of chronic disease in poor communities. That’s a result of poor living standards, not access to healthcare. Healthcare just treats the symptoms instead of addressing many chronic health conditions at their root.

  17. Wealthy people in the US live an average 10 years longer than the lower class. Healthcare disparity is real.

  18. Is that from healthcare, or just from significantly better quality of food and diet? There’s a lot of poor/middle class people who consume an enormous amount of healthcare resources but still die early. The best healthcare in the world can only do so much in the face of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

  19. Nah don’t know how many 11cs I knew that re-enlisted to go 11B. 11C is a rough life in the 75th, field or garrison. And you don’t get to kick in doors overseas.

  20. Sounds like a really shitty deal if you wanted to go to RASP just so you could get to kick in doors overseas.

  21. So are you just hanging back when you can’t use the mortar, or do you basically just act as an 11b at that point?

  22. Not when it’s referring to resource and monetary waste. Like dropping a 400k Javelin on a single insurgent would definitely be overkill.

  23. I got to say, the fact the taliban sniper could get that accurate of fire on them from god knows how far and with some 7.62x54…

  24. Unfortunately, this isn't just restricted to war. Years ago I was doing research for a paper on violent gun deaths for my public health class and was shocked by the 30,000 death figure I came across in government statistics. I was then shocked to read that 2/3 of that 30k was suicide by gun. I dug deeper and realized that the news generally does not report suicides out of respect to families. Leaving society and people like me unaware of how deep the problem is.

  25. I’m trying to imagine in what sense Scrooge could ever be labeled as a liberal at the start of the story

  26. Yeah I was really scratching my head at that part too lol.

  27. He played an evil, twisted old man. Now that we know he’s the same in real life does that really change anything about his character in the show?

  28. On its face it would seem to be a ploy to avoid hate crime charges. I’m curious to see what the history is here, if this statement by defense was preceded by any claim by defendant to being non-binary.

  29. I’m extremely skeptical of the “avoiding hate crimes charges” theory people keep proposing. He already knows that he’s going to prison for the rest of his life, what does it matter if he gets charged with a hate crime or not? It changes absolutely nothing besides and has no effect outside of words on paper.

  30. Yeah hearing that she didn’t recognize that it was her daughter the entire time she was working on her because her face was unrecognizable made me feel sick. Absolute nightmare fuel.

  31. Too bad we don’t have the photos of him sniping looters from the top of the super dome during Katrina.

  32. Thanks for the buff Kane. Sometimes I feel like I just need a reminder of the don’t quit mentality.

  33. No problem. A while ago there was an AMA from a A&S dropout on here. One thing he said that sticks with me is that he quit because he didn’t have a plan to deal with the negative thoughts while in the pool, and when the time came he couldn’t overcome them. Make sure that you have a plan.

  34. You must be very “special”. Where do you think that soldiers train CQC? I wouldn’t be surprised if similar setups exist for civilians in a few places in the US. I legitimately cannot understand why you’re acting like you have a learning disability.

  35. It was an example of how you could prove “effectiveness”. Take the stick out of your ass.

  36. I spoke with a curator at the MPM about two weeks ago and all they could confirm was that there will be dinosaurs, butterflies, and a planetarium. Everything else they said couldn’t be talked about just yet. I honestly haven’t heard or read anything confirming the things I mentioned above, which has me a little worried.

  37. The mods should repost this as a pinned comment on the top of this post.

  38. Run the hop to the campuses and airport. Dedicated rail to go 40-50 MPH to the airport

  39. The hop would be amazing if it connected UWM-Brady-Entertainment District-Marquette

  40. Without a doubt they should; separation of church and state is a myth that exists nowhere in the Constitution and only in the letters of Thomas Jefferson. Today is the Solemnity of Christ, King of the Universe; not Christ, King of Only Catholics. He rules over us all, whether people like it or not, and when a grave evil is being committed, His laws should most definitely come first. I don’t know about you, but for me God’s laws should always come first, not just for me, but for society as a whole. I don’t know why you think the Church is the place to be if our truth wasn’t the best thing for all people, not just some.

  41. Trying to force Catholicism on the entire nation sounds like it would risk causing a Holocaust for Catholics. What happens when the people start to violently retaliate against churches for usurping democracy? The US is a heavily armed country that does not have a good track record of tolerating tyranny. It seems like also a bad precedent to set. What if a Muslim president came into power, brought 10s of millions of Islamists into the country via executive order, and then forced you and your family to live under Sharia law?

  42. My faith in God is strong enough to where I’m not worried about that happening; abortionists and leftists that constantly cry and scream about gun control aren’t going to be coming out in arms, and those who do have guns are a lot more predisposed to agree with us. If God allows something like that to occur, then so be it; it is highly unlikely, but I would much rather die professing God and standing against evil than to live and idly sit by and do nothing as the evil continues to grow.

  43. If you ban birth control you’re going to piss off a lot of those people with guns. Not just leftists and abortionists. Not to mention that banning birth control would dramatically increase the prevalence of AIDS, and cause millions of more abortions.

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