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Thank you stranger. Shows the award.

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  1. I’m so sorry. I bet he was such a loving boy. Rest easy Willie

  2. More than you can afford pal, Ferrari. Smoke em

  3. I have a 14 month old french bulldog called bear. He loves going for walks I take him out 5 times a day. Ive lost 15 kg in the last 8 months.

  4. I have a golden retriever I walk 4 times a day this is absolutely the way.

  5. Before I was prescribed Seroquil I would have stints where I was awake for 72+ hours without any caffeine. Changed my life when I started on this one. Yes weight gain is normal and yes you’ll find a way to balance it out. Enjoy the sleep!

  6. You deserve someone that is going to support your mental health and not cheat. When I get angry I try to remove myself for a short time and then calmly explain how I feel once I cool down. When it comes to family I don’t want to speak for everyone but that seems to always be a up hill battle, at least for me. Surround yourself with people who care and chin up. Today is today and tomorrow is a new day

  7. Vast majority of the time I’m out I have my golden retriever with me. I’m not familiar with how animals react but I feel like I would be in complete shock. I’ve always hoped I would be able to communicate to them to not harm my animal.

  8. When I was a kid playing for the first time I made enough to buy the Torag armor set and would go to the duel arena dressed like a noob then bam switch the full armor set on and watch them hit 0’s and lose gp. I’m getting that energy here and loving it

  9. If it’s important to you then it’s not childish. Game on

  10. Such a nice Ryan Leaf card super jealous

  11. I commented on all the Ryan Leaf posts yesterday they are filled with gold it’s one hell of a troll job by us lol

  12. It may say 9 but that stance is a 10

  13. Used to work with a guy that would drink two tall boy Red Bulls at the beginning of each shift I tried explaining but he didn’t care

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