1. The game has only ever gone on sale once, summer sale 2022, and it was $5 off. Honestly don't expect a sale any time soon lol

  2. Was there a change somewhat recently? I saw some really good shows there back in 2017 or 2018 but haven't seen anything that's seemed interesting there in years.

  3. Went to an Eve 6 concert there earlier this year, I loved it but obviously only for the band, the venue was tiny.

  4. When Lana was "revenge fucking" the entire office

  5. I'm always relegated to clean-up. Following behind, reporting corpses/detained and securing evidence in the wake of my three buddies' destruction.

  6. You'd think after all these shootings, the owner would invest in some security cameras to cover his ass.

  7. Or maybe “supporting the police” by hiring off duty officers to provide security (although who knows if this still may have happened).

  8. That's the thing, without cameras, we have no idea what happened. For all we know, the bouncer had every right to shoot the kid (although I highly doubt it, considering he was unarmed).

  9. Heard about these scams for the first time late last year. People pull up and ask if you need yard work done, and if you say yes they steal anything of value in your yard as soon as you turn your head.

  10. It’s been in effect for years. If you doubt it, you can check it right now by playing any of the existing Steam CoD games. Additionally, you can contact Activision’s support team to verify.

  11. The first one I played with CoD Points was MW2019, so I don't know about the previous ones.

  12. Steam gets a % on every transaction you make on the platform just like ps store or xbox store, since the points don t transfer from on another you should not expect them to transfer from battle net to steam

  13. Good point. A couple bucks of in game currency isn't worth dealing with bnet imo

  14. I'd say a majority of my deaths in this game are to suspects with their guns down and not looking at me.

  15. AI right now is broken. Unplayable/Not Fun anymore.

  16. I can't piece together the Voll family, is Daniela Amos' daughter? Where is Janey? Who is the girl in the basement who has that corner shrine?

  17. Been trying to find grips of Din's mudhorn signet

  18. damn the reworked gas station look great

  19. Unless this is a lighting mod that OP has. I really hope it isn't.

  20. I want to financially support VOID, but $79.99 ($71.99 now woop!) is laughably too much. I already spent $40 on this game and don't regret it one bit, I just wish there was a way to support the wonderful dev team without spending $80.

  21. Looks like central Alabama to me. Maybe in Graysville.

  22. Honestly the little town it's in reminds me of Alabama

  23. Both are wrong lol, just goes to show how similar these shopping centers are.

  24. I don't even think it's darkness, like in Meth when I take my NVGs off it looks more like a dense fog. I feel like nearly every map requiring NVGs the entire time is a bit lame, I think it'd be cool to switch up tactics and go gas out enemies.

  25. Idk how they’d do it but simulating poor visibility for the AI would help a lot, they’re way to quick to spot and accurately engage through dark, smokey, and otherwise visually restrictive environments. Like I’m squinting at my 1440p monitor with NODs on and can barely distinguish movement while those fuckers are aim botting onto me without a moments hesitation.

  26. The only props I've seen that were too big was water coolers which I think they fixed. What other props have you found that are too big?

  27. The NPC cop that's standing by the vending machine at HQ is like 8 feet tall

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