1. Boost Mk II wasn't the berserk form I thought it would be, but that's okay. The twist was really good, the buckle being the desire of Ace's past lives.

  2. Does anyone else notice that they drew the Ultimatrix backwards

  3. I bet Boost MK 2 will be the berserk form of the series, and using the Laser Raise Riser will allow Ace to control it.

  4. For Fasttrack I would give him the ability to launch or throw quills at his opponents

  5. I thought she be around the size of Zero One with Breaking Mammoth, boy was I wrong

  6. How many languages do you wanna hear yes in?

  7. Rath’s first episode was definitely his best episode, imo I think they over did “let me tell you something (blank)” in Omniverse.

  8. I feel like this season takes the most risks than any Kamen Rider season I've see

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