1. I want a mega minion speed buff because it'd be very funny

  2. Mfs rlly went "we'll do it with the power of friendship"

  3. At least if you force out enough elixir you can punish with a mini pekka

  4. Back during the pheonix monk meta dark ages, that would be a meta deck if it had phoenix

  5. Double and triple elixir 2v2s or any 2v2 gimmick modes are always so zased

  6. Well whatever different people enjoy different things I'd wager a bunch of people would appear in the comments and say they enjoy the competitive part. I myself like 2v2 but i wouldn't treat it as the only way for anyone to enjoy the game

  7. I think rocket is the antithesis of fun in this game. If I had the power to remove 1 thing it wouldn’t be the shitty clan wars, shit balance patches, or the shit new updates with broken cards… it would be rocket.

  8. The Clan Wars of the second edition is simply too unfair and ought to be changed.

  9. That has got to be the most midladder deck all time thank the heavens you had princess yawn absolutely fuck them mfs with maxed mega knights

  10. But don’t worry the new challenge is supper fun!!!! 🧢🧢🧢 bro for real why is it so trash

  11. The Clan Wars of the second edition is simply too unfair and ought to be changed.

  12. I must say, such artful language bears remarkable familiarity with my own. I suppose thee found my article on the Miner of considerable might a supremely amusing read.

  13. Its literally so easy to just like, not touch cards until you wanna play them this gamemode is stupid

  14. Oh yeah I knew that lol I’m just saying he didn’t need to tornado balloon to king.

  15. He kinda did need to, cuz itd keep his princess towers intact, and its better to take king tower damage than lose a princess

  16. "no man you just picked a deck that hard counter me 😡😡🤬🤬"

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  18. Verify your a humen by downloding RISE OF KINDGOM AND GTE 2 BAJILLION POWER STTELMENT IN ROME

  19. Replace arrows with earthquake to decimate buildings

  20. Everybody gangsta till he has a 10 inch defeater

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