1. there's a cool video by Lemmino explaining what its origin might be thats a definite must watch

  2. oh, i'm sorry. because of that, i'm guessing you can't tell if you're you?

  3. Perfect leveling but not so perfect z offset. Adjust the z and you should be cherry

  4. Thats warping, happens when you print without a enclosure. Also 255 degrees is pretty hot for abs

  5. The poke is Ludacris. A local store near me charged 35 dollars for a pound of fresh poke. And i thought that was crazy.

  6. Thanks for the ringtone! My old one was ruler of everything that i made into 8-bit but i like this one better!

  7. Oooo very cool you're the 4th person to change their ring tone! Also 8 bit ruler of everything sounds like it would be such a cool ringtone

  8. Hey thats fun factory, there’s one in windward mall but i dont think they use the tokens anymore

  9. Hawaii should have it’s own anthem. Shit just doesn’t make sense

  10. Have you tried adjusting the y limit switch? (The one near the print bed). I was having the same problem and that fixed it for me. You might need to lower it

  11. I want a full song. That will make me feel like they could’ve had it on the album.

  12. complete version on YouTube please?🥹😶‍🌫️

  13. Hey i go to school near one of these, it might be the same on in the pic. I think its docked near fort island but im unsure

  14. I think joe used the tambourine too during the good and evil tours, but other than that i love this! Very interesting and finally something unique for this sub

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