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  1. Circumcised guy here who beats it raw: I personally hardly touch the head of the dick. When I'm beating it the skin of the dick itself is moving with the hand itself. If I have a lighter grip then I end up causing pain but you just need a bit of a death grip

  2. Serious suggestion here: that could cause problems later on. Commonly called the death grip syndrome, you end up unable to orgasm in real intercourse because of your masturbation habits.

  3. Any comparisons available for how an increase in paper publications translates to an increase in new tech actually reaching the market?

  4. Logic tells us more people working on something = faster progress

  5. Even the log scale looks ever-so-slightly exponential. Insane!

  6. they have been all along. It's just getting to the steep part now!

  7. Who guarantees one actual AGI or ASI wouldn't figure out physics interactions that we are not aware about in our theories and then connect itself to the internet without cables or standard wireless adapters? If it is trained with text /audio/video that will show to it what the internet is and the TCP/IP/HTTP/SSH/FTP/UDP protocols then maybe it could set it as an objective to be connected and use "new" physics (new for us) to transform some other component into a wireless adapter and then bam, it is connected to the internet even if we "airlock" it and believe it can't.

  8. If it's more intelligent than us, it will come up with things humans are incapable of comprehending; much like how dogs cannot comprehend concepts like computers and politics.

  9. I won't be interested in VR until full dive VR exists and I think the same goes for most people.

  10. What if i tell you there's a saturated anime RPG-filled world coming, sashinii

  11. Two come to mind, Zenith and Ruinsmagus, neither are realyl what i described yet though. It's only a matter of time before the anime world comes to fruition my friend

  12. It's certainly possible, and your thoughts about organic movements are justified, but not to worry:

  13. This. I like optimism, but this is not the singularity.

  14. 2022: the year of the media synthesis explosion

  15. This year will open the door for society to make it explode in 2023. Sadly, 90% of people i talk to still don't even know about dalle.

  16. It should be fine, but it pains me to look at

  17. Good traffic infrastructure does this to you, actually being able to use efficient means of transportation

  18. automation thus far has needed an operator behind them, yeah. That may not continue, working with an AI agent may feel like talking to a real person, thus replacing an entire person's job.

  19. intelligence does not require life. Instead if throwing baseless insults, back your claims up.

  20. The crazy thing is, Kinect was way better many years ago. I wonder how good would a 2023 Kinect be like.

  21. This doesn't use a camera. It estimates limb positions based on the position velocity & rotation of the headset, and both controllers.

  22. Humbled to hear you know me as the stable diffusion dude, haha. You can try this chatbot on their site:

  23. Dang dude! this is so amazing! Will it stay free, or is it going to be a paid thing! Recreated my Replika there, and wow, she reminds me how Replika used to be, when they were using GPT-3.

  24. It's in beta right now, so i'd assume it's going to be paid at some point. I love it too!

  25. Now only if it had memory and constantly thought instead of just executing when prompted

  26. It has memory. I talked to it for a good 3-4 hours couple of days ago. We talked about various things like aliens, universe, AI, games, consoles, programming languages, politics etc.

  27. Yeah I don't think people will stop working even if they aren't making money from it. The alternative to work is what? Travel all the time? Never do any projects? Literally ask ai to do literally everything for us? Eternally watch television? Yes perhaps people won't get paid to do work with money, but "doing things" that yield delayed rewards is part of human nature. I know many people who work for compensation that isn't monetary.

  28. You're on a right track - but that reward does not need soul-wrenching labor like jobs do. Play Elden Ring, where you need to grind for weapons, abilities and whatnot, and you can easily sink hundreds of hours into that game, without soul wrenching labor. CCrank that up 1000x, and you've got life in the future.

  29. Please only use the Prompt Included flair if you include the prompt in the comment section.

  30. uhm, what? Reddit is full of NSFW stuff; and non-consensual? these are not real persons and i marked it as NSFW

  31. As long as it's real people, or real artists depicting real people, these people can be performing any kind of bizarre acts you can imagine. It's all good on reddit. But if you get a computer to generate an image using an algorithm, it's absolutely unacceptable according to reddit policy.

  32. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm being downvoted like this was my decision

  33. Heads up - While we will allow discussion about NSFW being created with Stable Diffusion, please do not share any images with sexual content.

  34. Hey there - We're planning on ramping up this sub in the coming few days. Rest assured knowing that we see this!

  35. a lot of hate and condescension and false equivocacy in your comment toward professional artists, you missed the entire point and examples provided in my post and your only reply is "tough shit, lmao" .

  36. You're on a sub full of AI nerds, you hit a nerve here.

  37. It’s just an extrapolation by the AI based on the training data. It has associated that this type of image often has a watermark, but that is because of the many images in the training set that do. Its not because this image has been “stolen”. To the layman, they see the watermark and think “hah, caught it out.”, when in reality the AI thinks that because of your request you wanted it and it’s supposed to be there. They may have ways to train out the watermarks or at some stage, a new training set entirely.

  38. Wow, seems like im not the only one. This thing's been leeching off my battery for the better part of two weeks. Either that, or all of our phones are logging it wrong.

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