Mila's version of playing dead! not OC but serious lol

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  1. Your dog is too cute for words.

  2. Rough collie. If you change your mind on the size then Papillon would be ideal. Sheltie could work, too.

  3. Get a second opinion and an ultrasound.

  4. Is it possible that your female Havi is in heat or close to it? How old is she? This could be part of the problem.

  5. I opened a door on my dog's foot and he SCREAMED. He was over it an hour later. Just give him lots of treats and love over the next 24 hours and he'll totally forget about it.

  6. I was playing fetch with tiny dog and she hit her head on a door frame really hard. She was really disoriented for a moment and then started CRYING. I was so worried that she could get a concussion and I was really watching her closely. She was fine which was amazing given that she’s 4 lbs.

  7. Try to touch her paw in an hour or two. Move it gently in all directions and see if there’s no swelling or bruising.

  8. Dog on a leash and no greetings until the dog behaves appropriately (four on the floor). Stop greeting/petting/talking to the dog if he tries again. Repeat until it works. No treats needed, as the attentions itself is reinforcing here. There’s always some frustration, so practice with trusted and patient people first and no greetings with strangers until she gets better at it.

  9. I’m new to this. Could you tell me what is that black contraption? Is it a pump? Sorry for my ignorance. I always wanted to have a container pond like this.

  10. Dude, my "gurus" are people who literally spearheaded the force free movement and you compare them to some guy lmao

  11. If you just described what worked for your dog I wouldn’t waste my time. But you went on a tirade claiming that force free training is permissive and about allowing dogs to do what they want. This is blatantly untrue. It’s not about convincing you, it’s about countering misinformation for the benefit of other redditors.

  12. I haven’t experienced this personally, but there were was a study that showed that there are indeed behavioral side effects. There was more restlessness, food guarding and aggression.

  13. Buy condoms and insist that your BF wears them. STDs are a thing.

  14. Jamaica Beach is great and usually less people. You can drive right out on the beach you may need to keep the dog on a leash though. There’s lots of places to eat with patios that are dog friendly.

  15. Second Jamaica Beach, or anywhere between Jamaica Beach and West Beach.

  16. I live in a rental townhome neighborhood. I was walking my dog around the neighborhood for his morning walk on a leash. The lady and the dog came out her door. And the next thing I knew she was screaming "pick up your dog! Pick up your dog!" But before I knew what was even happening, he was on my baby.

  17. I guarantee you that this is not the first time it happened, but she took no precautions. (Her front door should have been gated). I have toy dogs, too, and one of them was attacked few years ago. I’ll keep you and your doggie in my thoughts.

  18. I'm not sure what a gate would do against that kind of prey drive.

  19. Hopefully slow the dog down enough for the owner to catch him. Obviously this dog shouldn’t be living in a residential neighborhood close to tiny dogs, no disagreement here.

  20. Lol, nobody asked GenX as always…

  21. Diarrhea for sure, but watch out for pancreatitis, too.

  22. My rings easily fitting on my fingers again. Still feels awesome.

  23. Why does this rice look like maggots?

  24. Very unlikely, but you can always take a pregnancy test. You can buy one cheaply at a dollar store.

  25. She should play in soap operas!

  26. Not sure I understand? You are in a room with her and she’s still reacting? In this case, it’s not a separation anxiety.

  27. I love this dog. What’s his or her personality?

  28. Please find a trainer experienced in resource guarding. In the meantime you can read Mine! by Jean Donaldson.

  29. If you ended it after the first two paragraphs I’d believe it’s real…

  30. Probably reiki. I’m usually a skeptic, but had one very interesting encounter with it, as well.

  31. Hormones can’t cause you to be in a deficit for years and gain weight. You must be eating more calories than you think or need fewer calories than you think. Calculate your TDEE. Start logging everything, even condiments and powder coffee creamer. Be honest with yourself. These calories are hiding somewhere.

  32. I forgot to mention, I drink zero calorie drinks, or water. No snacking in between meals. I do log my food. That’s how I know I eat between 500-1000 calories a day. 500 a day when I was on an HCG diet. 800-1000 calories is more of a typical day eating granola for breakfast and noodles for dinner. The sauces I use don’t add more than 50 calories to a meal, and I always track those too. Thanks for the reply.

  33. It’s true, but we still can’t break the laws of physics. You can’t gain 50 lbs on this diet, even if you are very short. Maybe you are binging. Maybe you are sleepwalking. But it is what it is.

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