1. Heroic Spirit Dream Portrait: Demon King Nobunaga

  2. Seeing the "before" and "after" is very interesting and very encouraging. Beautiful.

  3. I can feel the aura of the devil oozing out of this reply.

  4. Very very nice, seeing those resources I'll try sharing part of my luck around, and hopefully the bunny won't bleed me dry of my funds on my end, no matter how much one has it is never enough.

  5. They've updated the skill name from Projection C to Circuit Connection (Illegal).

  6. They really decided to go ALL IN with that joke.

  7. "Chaotic Good" I thought otherwise from that third ascension.

  8. I'm guessing "Die" is the secret option beneath "Fight" ? Because really what CAN you do ?

  9. The silver lining is getting to clear more of the shop without resorting to apples.

  10. Hakuno having the face of a culprit at the end of that second page.

  11. Good thing they don't have weapons, might've cut someone 17 times or tried to take on vampires.

  12. The cloth really is just hanging on through magic.

  13. Guda's face makes me think of the Zoolander meme.

  14. She once spiked Hephaestus from Olympus because Zeus laughed at the ugly baby

  15. "The winner is...HERA !"

  16. Wonder if there'll ever be Lady Avalon costumes with the arcade ascensions, at the very least the hooded one.

  17. It's been 15 years since the removal of the h-scenes with the release of the Realta Nua version of the vn, and people still feel the need of mentioning them at every possible opportunity.

  18. That's true, but F/GO itself doesn't shy away from "titillating" material, so it's no surprise the community would have some form of that.

  19. Picks inazuma eleven because Nemo looks adorable.

  20. Let's go Rai-- I mean Chaldea !

  21. You can play FGO and not go on the cancerous subreddit you know. FGO has lots of male CV I love.

  22. Is it great at sweeping things under the rug ? I don't notice stuff like this happening often.

  23. sorry i honestly don't understand what you're trying to say. can you rephrase?

  24. When I look at it I wouldn't call it cancerous, am I missing something ?

  25. My man went from a Warrior, Soldier, And to a Femboy real fast

  26. He becomes a whole man's man there.

  27. I've grained all the FSN servants to 90 at the very least, idgaf how viable they are.

  28. I think they're all actually pretty good, maybe the only weak link is Medea because of her damage(?)

  29. That Cammy pose made all of her cat-like movements clearer to me.

  30. I don't see any rules about linking to manga hosting sites so I'm hoping this is fine.

  31. Oh my god the priest looks like Kenshiro at the end.

  32. I wish I bought it earlier, regardless of what others said, now I'm sad.

  33. which type of monkey brain are you?

  34. Well my favorite characters tend to go "hehe red card".

  35. Oh boy never thought I’d see the day someone mentioned this stuff so here we go!

  36. Dark Purple and anything related does seem like the way to go for Avenger.

  37. Remember everyone, if you don't have medical supplies, just use tape to close wounds !

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