1. a good measure of relationship maturity is how much a person focuses on sex.

  2. The peen gorillas actually made me laugh then sigh with sadness.

  3. Bad install? Seems like it should have been able to handle that small drop.

  4. or cheap parts. My brother is big into this and he says they see it all the time on the trails.

  5. 99/100 I do not care. but that 1 time I stop to think about it. It really hurts my feelings. Then I stop thinking about it go on.

  6. plug it all in and turn everything all the way up.

  7. I can't do that. I can never hold a thing like that. my butt got tight when those fangs started moving about.

  8. education shouldn't have any "narratives" should it?

  9. Since Doro is my Favorite manga. I hope that they get more funds to make a more genuine version of the manga and it's art.

  10. yes. I was not impressed by the anime yet. But then again, I am not much of an anime guy

  11. i LOVE Mud-Sludge the manga. I was NOT impressed with the Netflix show. but I'm only 2 eps in.

  12. What if Wednesday wanted you to die but your sister/lover said : live

  13. Next one is Charles so soooonnnnn. Unless I change my mind and make it someone we don’t know at all 😈

  14. nice. feel free to write about a magical cowboy named Jonny who rides a griffin or Pegasus. If you want a curve ball lol.

  15. If YOU want gay elves then by all means, build a fantasy world full of them. Put in your own leg work. Don’t commandeer someone else’s.

  16. as SOON as I saw how far over the line she parked my blood began to boil.

  17. I'd need more context/specifics on the "person".

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