1. Lol that’s not a tasting lineup, that’s a „time to get wasted” lineup

  2. lol well there will be a guided tasting of a few of these, to illustrate some particular differences, but after that, they can try whatever...

  3. It ain't easy... felt lucky to get the one I did.

  4. I hope we win every single game like this, including the Grey Cup, so that the rest of the league just rage quits and walks out

  5. They have got the lucky breaks those breaks will be aginst them at some point

  6. Not sure that'd help. Maybe if we made the Earth rotate the other way though?

  7. if you kept the relative orientations the same, it would

  8. This looks very interesting. I'll be interested to see if any of their stuff makes its way over to Canada. I certainly appreciate a distillery that is not only keeping things 'craft' (natural colour, no chill filtration, at least 46%), but is also adopting a sustainable production model.

  9. Not to be sarcastic or anything, but I'm curious what those police abolishing folks would recommend we do without police in such a situation.

  10. but on a more serious note, while I have never been to Stittsville and have no idea what there is to do there, I would recommend the following: assuming these are people not legally able to drink (and can't be redirected to an actual bar), I would pursue youth recreational programs of various types - places where teenagers can go hang out, play ball, shoot pool, do whatever - under adult supervision.

  11. Hope Fajardo sits for the rest of this game

  12. Jesus fucking christ stop taking dumb useless penalties you morons!

  13. I don't even feel like making jokes about Hamilton right now... just gotta feel for Dane Evans. His receivers tip another couple of interceptions into the defence's hands, and shoulders the blame for the late fumble.

  14. I dunno if it's pass placement, or what, but what is with those Hamilton receivers tipping the ball into the defence's hands?

  15. Does anyone know how long the fireworks at lebreton will go for?

  16. I've been a subscriber for a number of years, and finally lost enough interest in their content to unsubscribe this month.

  17. seems appropriate. lots of discord in that organization.

  18. Gonna have to get me another Bunna. I did rather enjoy that one. Now if I could learn to like that Bowmore...

  19. Stuck my nose in there, and the Lochlea smells REALLY interesting... definitely young, but there are some unusual grassy notes (and other stuff that I can't really put my finger one) that make it unlike anything I've had before.

  20. Probably a pane to repair, but it sure could use a new Lees on life

  21. I was gonna suggest that most people internet literate enough to be on reddit wouldn't fall for 'scammer grammar' stuff but maybe that's too optimistic?

  22. I don't think Hemlock has a sidewalk, does it? I haven't been down there since pre-pandemic times, but I remember the side of the road just being gravel.

  23. Yeah it's maybe half a block and the road is pretty wide/drivers know that there is no sidewalk.

  24. Glenfarclas 15 (delicious Speyside/Highland - nicely sherried), literally anything from Campbeltown (assuming they have), and Caol Ila 12 sounds good to me!

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