1. My unit only has stairs and 1 other unit, it's not a big building with elevators etc. But yes I believe the purpose is to protect the common area from damage.

  2. $200/hr to process the move in.

  3. I hate this, because it seems like it's lazy board members or managers forcing everyone to jump through extra hoops and pay extra money to save themselves some effort on the rare occasion that movers damage the property, but what's the alternative? Sue the moving company?

  4. Putting the burden on people moving in, is more fair than putting the burden on the people that already live there, who aren't the ones at risk of damaging things.

  5. Sorry wasn’t really talking about price - my experience with Zen here in the UK has been brilliant. The service they provide is excellent and the customer service is superb to go with it.

  6. If you call sonic here for support, you don’t get an automated system. You get a person with actual technical ability, who can answer real questions, and won’t just walk you through a script.

  7. Maybe check out some of the Open Frame solutions here?

  8. Once cooked tomato sauce in my cast iron and now I have a hole to the gates of Hell in my kitchen

  9. Damn. Now I want to try that!

  10. The UDM products are all designed to be THE router in a network. You clearly bought the wrong device for your needs.

  11. No, there's nothing at all wrong with the iPP2020. It does everything it always promised it would.

  12. Exactly why I bought the s8 tab ultra from Samsung and I'm selling my iPad Pro. Apple always manages to fuck over consumers. Glad I made it out of the ecosystem. It took 2 years but it has proven to be worth it.

  13. Nobody at all has been fucked over. Anyone that bought an iPadPro still has the same or more features than they did the day they bought it.

  14. Yeah, though our policy is written down and part of compliance. When you have to start pulling randomly selected hires and terminations every year for an auditor and show that you're following what you said your process was, things tend to happen as documented fairly well.

  15. Keep a few on hand? How bougie!

  16. Soon as I read anything that starts with "when the sales manager...". Sales always pulls the old "we make the money so policy doesnt apply to us game". Its particularly fun when half of them are computer illiterate.

  17. You have half that aren't? Lucky!

  18. How do you determine which parties are eligible? How do parties reach whatever the threshold is to qualify without any funding?

  19. So if I went to the store and stole something everyday, but they didn't find out about it until 10+ years from the time I started stealing, I could legally keep stealing everyday forever? I don't think you understand how this works.

  20. Each of those is a separate offense, and has it's own clock as a result.

  21. Depends on whether it’s a series of offenses or one ongoing offense. If you pull an Office Space/Superman 3 type of theft off arguably that’s one ongoing offense and the Statute of Limitations starts when they would reasonably have become aware of it.

  22. So not the offense that I was racking about at all, which was petty theft from a corner store

  23. You had me at the stick of butter.

  24. So I am newer one in tifu so what does TL;DR mean?

  25. Never crossed my mind before. Now I want one!

  26. I think they used normal over the counter price (retail price) for the shipments, while they are paying discounted price... Last year they were using free FedEx 2 Day to ship to my house, and now I'm paying them to ship UPS Ground...

  27. The cost from the carrier isn't the only cost of shipping goods. That's why it's called "Shipping AND HANDLING"

  28. I get the sense that they are using these shipping rates as a way to avoid raising MSRP on their products.

  29. Well they did specifically say that they were dropping free shipping in lieu of raising prices.

  30. Lol. It was the mid 90's. And yeah. Fun fact, they still generate those same reports but now they're sent electronically to a group mailbox. I remember coming in on the morning and stopping by the dumping ground, I mean report distribution center and hauling boxes of green bar reports up to the office.

  31. In the mid-90's I had already automated reports like that. Capturing them to a file in a terminal session, using Flimport to convert the text dump into a database file, and then it could be sliced and diced as needed from there.

  32. Well, those are certainly all words. Well done even though I have no idea what you just said.

  33. At CompUSA the individual stores did purchasing, and in '91 when I started working there that meant the Store Purchaser printed a list of part numbers on a 17" wide stack of green bar paper that had columns for QtyOnHand, WTDSales, MTDSales, etc.

  34. That was the basic plot of a book I read nearly 40 years ago.

  35. Damn. Sounds kind of interesting.

  36. The lead character in the novel was a police detective, assigned to a serial rapist case. But what was extra odd about the case from the start, was that the victims were being victimized again, which doesn't happen normally with a serial. And then the detective realized that the repeat attacks had a pattern, where a victim would get a second attack 3 weeks after the first, etc. Ultimately he figures out that the attacks are being done in an attempt to impregnate the victims. And the attacker works at a clinic they were protesting, or something of the sort.

  37. Definitely not. I want full reimbursement. And I knew I'd get it.

  38. Ah I see, where I work I'd take partial reimbursement just so I don't have to do my crappy job and it'd be way worth it haha

  39. The work wouldn’t be going away, just waiting for it’s turn

  40. If anyone is looking for a nice small, easy ESX host, grab one of these. Bump up the RAM, and you've got a killer low profile, quiet host. I used one for a couple years, before moving to Dell R Chassis at last.

  41. This gives you a very clear view of the history of support.

  42. Older devices don’t have the horsepower for it.

  43. I never understood why we don't have a native weather and Calculator app on the iPad

  44. I never noticed or cared

  45. Why are you wasting time mocking up something Apple has already built?

  46. I’ve never unintentionally summoned it. Sounds like user error to me.

  47. Never noticed or cared that it wasn’t there.

  48. That would be against the fire code, and would never be allowed to hit the market in the US. If you did try plugging something like that in, and populated it, you'd blow the circuit without fail.

  49. I believe the official rules are either, but house rules is that only brown can build as it would be UnSettling if a person built a town or city in the middle of your road. Them's fighting moves.

  50. Not only would I NEVER accept a house rule like that, I'd relish breaking the road if I could.

  51. Who trains troops? That's what a Traz is for.

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