1. I wonder if we train our stomachs to be stronger? As kids my brother and I used to drink from streams and small waterfalls without getting sick. When we had food that was 3, 4 days old we just fried some things together. My friend doesn't even drink the tap water cause it gives her aches

  2. Definitely something to this. Especially thinking about the differences in sanitation around the world. My husband grew up drinking the water and eating street food in Kolkata and didn’t get sick very often. Maybe a little more often on average than people in countries with better sanitation and regulations, but definitely not often enough to impact his life or health in any significant way. But after living in the US for a few years there’s no way he can eat like that on visits home (or he could but it would be a big dice roll 😂.)

  3. Just in case your not aware, since a lot of people don’t fully understand the process, you only NEED a referral for insurance purposes. Usually only HMO/POS or some Medicaid plans require them. A lot of insurances don’t actually require you to get a referral, like PPO or EPO plans, and you can just make your own appointment with a cardiologist. Either way you will want to be sure they are in-network to be covered under your plan, and a lot of plans have directories online to see who those docs are. If your not sure you actually need a referral you can call your insurance and ask.

  4. Couldn’t she also just make an appointment with any other in-network MD and ask for a referral from them? Hopefully it’s a moot point for OP and her daughter has been seen by a doctor in the ER by now.

  5. I think for a long time I had this belief in the back of my mind that everyone else knew some secret or something about life that I was missing. But that’s the thing - there isn’t one. It was almost like imposter syndrome just for existing as an independent human. You don’t have to know what you “really want.” Very few people have ONE overarching goal in their life. If you just want to live somewhere nice, have some financial security, and enjoy your relationships and hobbies - that’s a perfectly adequate goal. I also firmly believe that our jobs should not be the thing that gives our life meaning. So that was a big thing for me to learn - that having a job that I enjoy well enough and pays the bills but isn’t the thing that “gets me out of bed in the morning” isn’t “selling out” or whatever, unless you believe that your life goal has to create capital to be valid. Anyway idk if this is helpful but basically what I’m trying to get at is that you ARE an adult. There’s no test you have to pass.

  6. I asked for book recommendations yesterday similar to YWA and went down a rabbit hole. This includes books recommended here and elsewhere for fans of the show, books specifically mentioned on the show, books about the topics discussed, and books written by guests.

  7. I’m looking at their calendar right now for buying tickets and nothing is sold out. Are you possibly confused by the gray “Reserve” button?

  8. I think it may have been a temporary website issue or something - I went back a few hours later and it showed availability :) Thanks!

  9. One thing that I’ve always wondered - people who are pushy about their anti-sleep training position will say that babies/young toddlers lack the capacity to self soothe and are also unable to manipulate you. Which I think everyone agrees on so it’s kind of a straw man anyway. But then in the next breath they say that the reason babies stop crying when sleep trained is because they “give up” on someone coming to get them, while actually on the “inside” they’re distressed. So they’re saying that babies are capable of pretending to be calm and content when they’re upset, but not capable of pretending to be upset? That doesn’t make sense at all. It’s much harder for a person of any age to control their emotions when they’re upset.

  10. Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer—a riveting history of Mormonism that examines the intersection of religious fanaticism and American ideals

  11. That sounds really interesting!

  12. Honestly I’d say Clinton. I think the Lewinsky scandal made people view him as sleazy but if we didn’t know about that, his personality would come across very differently. Like, if you watch some of his campaign interviews and things he seemed very down to earth and friendly.

  13. My son is also 30, and he just said basically the same thing! He said, " I realize I have gotten older, but when I see these KIDS buying alcohol, I can't even believe they are 21!"

  14. I hadn’t been to a nightclub in years because of the pandemic and having a baby, but my husband and I went out the other night and the people there were definitely much younger than they were in 2019 😂. They did an hour of 90s music and I had the sinking realization that many of my fellow patrons weren’t alive in the 90s. I also may have given a small lecture to some girls doing drugs in the bathroom and given them my number in case they felt unsafe and needed a ride at any point. 😂 They must have been 21 but they looked like children.

  15. I had a similar situation. My moms name is Jennifer, and at one of my old jobs, the company would use the name Jennifer instead of the words 'the customer' (example: if you're stocking shelves and Jennifer comes up to you, Jennifer is now your highest priority.)

  16. That’s so confusing 😂. Why didn’t they at least choose a name that’s not so common?

  17. If that’s your worst cycling problem I would just embrace it and enjoy 😂.

  18. Hmm, I think there’s a distinction between doing it to impress people or make money and doing it because of some sort of delusion or mental illness. There’s an obvious social and/or financial incentive to pretending to be a medical professional, and if that’s the motivation it isn’t really a mental illness - just a grift. And it would be harder to separate because the benefits of being in a respected/well-paid profession are a lot more apparent than the benefits of being sick or disabled. And of course licensing and job requirements make it a lot harder to fake. I imagine it happens more often in less developed countries where it might be easier to falsify qualifications or “treat” people off the books?

  19. Ugh!! I’d rather look my age than sign a billion-year contract with Xenu but to each their own 🤷‍♀️

  20. This comment made me literally laugh out loud 😂.

  21. happy all the time, by laurie colwin. bonus: you get TWO very different couples, lots of coziness, and a host of enjoyable side characters.

  22. I enjoy Insta sometimes. Check out the Necessary Evils series by Onley James. Each one is Insta. You also have mystery, crime, violence, serial killers, and humor. All on KU. The first in the series is

  23. I gained weight from breastfeeding both times. It’s fine. Your husband needs to chill and maybe if he’s so concerned about what you’re eating he can make a few meals a week, take a night shift and feed pumped milk or formula, or spring for takeout night once a week?

  24. Yes they always say to breastfeed even if you’re not able to eat well, because the vitamins and minerals will still be in the breastmilk. They say this like it’s a good thing and you shouldn’t worry about it, but, like, the vitamins and minerals are still in the milk because your body will give up its own reserves, including leaching minerals from your bones. It’s wild to me that no one cares about the mother’s health. It seems to me like gaining weight while breastfeeding would be better for you than irreversible bone damage caused by dieting away your calcium and vitamin D when you need them most.

  25. The best president? I’m not sure, but how about the best bowler or flamingo dancer out of the three?

  26. I’d bet money that the order of flamingo dancing skill would be JFK>HW>Trump

  27. I’m thinking about buying a digital piano and was so impressed by the feel of the Roland fp30x when I tried it at a local shop. It was just like playing an acoustic piano. But it’s a little more than I wanted to spend. It’ll be close to $1k with accessories. I was hoping to find something in the $600-$800 range. Most people seem to want $750+ even for a used one, which at that point imo isn’t enough of a discount to be worth the risk of buying used. FP-10s are impossible to find. An FP-30 is definitely an option but my local shop doesn’t have any, so I haven’t had a chance to try one.

  28. I’ll definitely try one out! Thanks!

  29. I went on a similar quest and this is the best I found. Her butter chicken is better though and identical to restaurants.

  30. I live in the Bay Area and have one like this that I use for groceries and riding with my baby in a seat. BUT mine is a 10 speed and anything less would be impossible for this landscape. It’s pretty difficult as is because I live at the top of a hill. I feel like hills are something people forget about when they talk about cycling. Like, they talk about how The Netherlands has an amazing culture and how and they’re so much cooler than us (don’t disagree tbh 😂), but a lot of America (and I think this applies to many other countries) is just objectively physically harder to cycle in than it is in most places with thriving commuter cycling cultures. If I lived in a dense, flat city, cycling would automatically become much easier regardless of any man-made factors. Before I lived here, I lived in the semi-rural Midwest, and there a single speed would be just as bad, simply because the distances between places are much farther and most people can’t spend all day cycling to the grocery store.

  31. Just to tack onto this even the tiniest amount cow’s milk causes my skin to get whiteheads/breakout. I just use oatmilk/almond/cashew etc and my skin is super clear now. I’d guess it has something to do with the massive amount of hormones in the milk and the way my body reacts to it.

  32. Same! It’s such an obvious correlation that I can’t believe I didn’t notice it until a couple of years ago. Like, I had espresso drinks with milk a few mornings last week and now I have three big hormonal pimples (the kind that no topical treatment does anything for). I won’t have any milk for a few days, and I’m completely confident they’ll go away and I won’t get more. They very predictably relate to milk. Birth control pills only made it worse or had no impact, but I did a Whole30 thing (didn’t even make it the whole 30 😂) and realized my skin was completely clear for the first time in my adult life. Even when eating healthily in general I always had milk sometimes, so I literally had never gone 2 weeks without it to be able to make the connection. 😂 Usually one or two glasses of milk a week is okay but more than that (like daily tea or coffee that’s mostly milk) and it’s a guaranteed breakout.

  33. This was truly a YWA for me, because I had no idea feminists took up this cause to the extent that they did. I kind of get why it’s a debate, but it seems like such an odd thing for the movement to fixate on the way they (apparently) did. Just like a lot of effort that could have been spent more productively and without alienating so many people.

  34. Soviet Union was backing the north. America escalated so the soviet union can either:

  35. I do think there’s a high probability the third scenario would happen like you stated - the US wouldn’t escalate it any further and it would have just been a stupid loss of life but not WWIII. Although irl the US was too conservative to do something like that in the first place, so maybe in this alternate timeline they would be more aggressive and it’d all be over.

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