1. Your posts never have anything to do with this sub Reddit but I still think you belong here

  2. As much as I'd like him to be, I doubt it, he clearly liked that woman in season 1 and I'm like 60% sure they'll pair him up with Bo at the end

  3. Idk him and Bo felt pretty platonic. That's just my interpretation

  4. I believe this subreddit is for the aromantic spectrum including cupiorimantics

  5. I didn’t ask why you posted this in this sub, I asked why you didn’t post this in the

  6. I do have a soft spot for H4 hazop tho

  7. Can somebody please explain me the joke? I understand that Yakko is about to sing the countries, but i don't understand why

  8. He's about to say a bunch of stuff. Similar to when we have to explain our orientation.

  9. Or maybe they wanted to spend the money

  10. Why buy Warmaster in the game when you can make it in real life?

  11. Y'all need to chill. They meant no harm

  12. I'd be throwing a lot more pointless grenades

  13. I basically have to pay taxes whenever I buy stuff as they are included in the price. But luckily the government pays me just to live

  14. It just seems so odd to put them in schools in front of children for no other reason than they're in drag. If my kids teacher told me a random stranger with no teaching or public speaking credentials was just gonna be in my kids classroom I'd have some issues. Do kids need gay or homeless people to read to them also? Just seems a ridiculous thing to bring to school

  15. Drag queens are kinda like celebrities, that's why they do it. Also these events open childrens minds up to different kinds of people. I best you fine with random companies coming into schools and getting kids to fundraise

  16. Idk, I think he has value in this one

  17. Noble team. They be super soldiers

  18. You are entitled to your opinion

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