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  1. YES! Omg this is so bad. I could not imagine hearing that annoying beep constantly

  2. It could you would have to activate the activity and then have a specific time to be to class or you would have the option to switch back and forth from explorer to taking classes type of thing . Select the quest or mission to do the class. It may or may not have a set schedule for you to follow

  3. I just got it and I am on ps5 and I am pleased with the game . I got it cheap and it seems to run very well. I can’t say how it did on ps4 but ps5 goooood

  4. Im glad im not the only one. Its only when im really bored, and decide to abide by traffic laws and shit

  5. Hahahah yeah I be stopping at red lights wishing my turn signal would work sometimes !

  6. Fuck that , I wouldn’t have gave them room to go nowhere but reverse

  7. Damn it not another lamp post . That’s 3 this week

  8. As you should be,it was a comment that revealed you probably dont play much gta and/or rely on cheats.

  9. Excuse me, I have over 1200 hours in game. I do not rely on cheats in any way shape or form … thank you

  10. Now that’s how to do things ! Bring the Cayo to the people !!!

  11. And you survived … wait nope definitely a hit and run.

  12. Yes! It’s been very entertaining watching people fly off like a rocket

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