1. Hopefully your kid is grown enough to use weight based dosing! Oral acetaminophen 6mg/lb per dose every 4-6hours, translated from 10mg-15mg per kg.

  2. If you sell and the buyer insists they will move in but then turn around to do this, what can you do as seller/previous landlord? Recently we got a starter apartment like this and the seller served the notice for us so this got me thinking.

  3. Take a stick and stir around the substrate. If you see gas bubbles coming up, that is likely hydrogen sulfide and gas from bacterial decomposition. It means there’s too much dead organic matter, and unfortunately the hydrogen sulfide is toxic to plant roots. Your plants won’t be able to root in the substrate and will keep rotting from the stem until you move them or finish decomposing.

  4. If I see something I want and there’s even a CHANCE of it being made in China and I don’t need it immediately, I will go directly to AliExpress to buy it. Considering shipping time and cost of course.

  5. The cons you have listed demonstrate you are in significant danger with this man.

  6. Like the other comments have already said, think of your child.

  7. I really want to do this as a new grad and I think it would be a hugely smart decision, partly driven by the fact that my social circle in Metro Van is starting to dwindle for the same reason.

  8. I feel cooler now about my 23 year old Kenmore combo washer dryer with the blue sticker on! Thanks OP

  9. Killi mission accomplished 🫡 Don’t worry about the naysayers OP, “kil” creek fish are evolved to migrate like this from ditch to ditch.

  10. Damn, the cuts are all over too. I imagine this is what that stressful Club Penguin pizza making game must feel like in real life.

  11. Well, yeah if you pop them several times a day for years or have pre-existing liver or kidney disease. Also codeine isn't anything like these other drugs. Codeine is an opiate.

  12. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4034033/

  13. They wouldn't dare say there is little harm to patients. Recommendations for OP are to choose acetaminophen if it's effective, as long as <4g per day, beyond which predictable liver damage occurs. As well, OP says they're underweight with poor intake, so deliberately eating food with any NSAID is a must. If there are other options for the condition such as oral contraceptives to regulate periods or triptans for migraine pain, add those to decrease the need for chronic NSAIDs.

  14. I am shocked at the lack of gloves or handle shields. It feels like I’m gonna lose a finger cycling under 20 degrees C.

  15. Sad because if you think about it, hero locking as a UI toggle was never meant to exist.

  16. Yea these things are extremely hard to process. I remember when I volunteered at a natural history museum with a centerpiece blue whale skeleton.

  17. Surprised they don't just leave them out in the sun for a couple years to get baked

  18. IIRC, the documentary also showed them retrieving pieces that were initially taken away unauthorized by residents. One guy had a thin piece, I think rib or finger, that he kept since the discovery and had thrown into the trees behind his house. That one was visibly bleached and dried, but it also took at least good decade and sat guarded in somebody’s yard.

  19. Lampeye killifish? If that’s just lighting and the eyes aren’t actually blue, then maybe a variety of rice fish

  20. Yea could be! Maybe a red neon blue eye rainbow

  21. Agree that the battlepass has moved the grind past rewarding and into futility. Why even grind at this point if it’s not achievable.

  22. I have raised some Nothobranchius guentheri from eggs and also bred the second generation.

  23. Really appreciate the info! I already have some frozen bloodworms that I give to my betta as a treat so that’s one less thing to worry about. Apart from bloodworms, what other food would you recommend?

  24. That’s a great choice! I have a really easy grindal worm culture running, with Hikari frozen foods like mysis shrimp and daphnia. Mine will also eat freeze dried brine shrimp and I have baby brine shrimp cysts on hand too.

  25. Also on the carnivore part, they are avid fin nippers so they might snack on a betta’s long veils. Same thing on fancy tail guppies. I have to keep mine separate from the guppies but the tetras are fast enough most of the time.

  26. No way to tell unless you see her release eggs with the male. Put in some spawn mops made out of green yarn and regularly check it. There’s lots of info on how to breed golden wonder killis.

  27. They may very well be lead but you’d be surprised at how common lead aquarium weights are. Not many metals are rust free, cheap, and malleable.

  28. Looks like long fin variety of albino bristlenose

  29. How do you feel about turning the wood upside down and placed off center to create a stronger silhouette?

  30. Ooh love the approach. If you put a white paper under the tube for colour balancing you don’t even have to waste energy to take the tube out for comparison!

  31. Don’t give in to the gourami food begging! I swear my pearl gourami will eat until she is spherical.

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