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UK Election: Exit poll predicts Tory majority

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  1. Every child that grew up pre-21st century would have gotten a smack every now and than. Ironically all the adults in that video would have also been physically disciplined so I don’t understand why it’s all such doom and gloom. Think people just like getting on their high horse these days.

  2. Funny how since parents have been completely neutered of their disciplinary action over the last 20 years more and more adults are growing up entitled, emotional wrecks.

  3. Isn't this what Baldurs Gate 3 is trying to do? Making the AI be a viable step in for a DM?

  4. There's a weird crowd here trying to discredit a guy who runs a foundation that's measurably been able to reduce the impact of malaria.

  5. The comment you're replying too is sarcastic. But you are right. The downplaying i've seen on Reddit and in the news is baffling. It's like you have to go to the fringe communities that border on conspiracy theories to get a real idea of just how bad this thing is and can potentially get.

  6. Thought it was Wednesday Adams for a sec.

  7. ...but men think with their dicks?

  8. Ironic considering it was the lust of Pasiphae (king minos' wife) toward the Cretan Bull that birthed the minotaur.

  9. He's more moral, less insufferable version of Jeremy Corbyn.

  10. Nice to see ATACS getting some love.

  11. We know no king but the king in da norf who's name is stark!

  12. I'll be honest: things like this make me realize what a bubble I live in by getting so much news from reddit and I need to diversify. I've seen nothing but posts about what a POS Johnson is and how great Corbyn is that I assumed Corbyn was going to win comfortably. He wasn't even close.

  13. It's almost as if all the posts getting downvoted into oblivion for mentioning Corbyn's disadvantages have some merit. Norris Johnson is also a scumbag though. It's okay to realise we have terrible candidates.

  14. look - Lovecraft's childhood cat - until it ran away just as his life started to go to shit - he still talked about it as an adult, and featured it in one of his stories as a strong supporting character.

  15. His cat was called "Nigger Man" for anyone wondering.

  16. Working as a bouncer, caught a couple in the toilet about to do the deed. Gave the usual warning, women aren't aloud in the male toilets, if I catch them again, they'll be kicked out.

  17. It's bizarre how the trailers haven't been shy about advertising Palpatine but aside from the D23 one the posters have been avoiding using him.

  18. The one poster that had him in it looked trash. He was too cartoony

  19. 4chan have taken to calling him Baby Yeed.

  20. FTI: PG tips has acknowledged the environmental issue of the tea bags being sealed with polypropylene. They are moving to completely plant based pyramid tea bags made from paper and sealed with a corn starch adhesive.

  21. Your opinions can be wrong, regardless of the notion that it’s “just your opinion.” If your opinion is based on your anecdotal experience and can be argued against using data/facts, then your opinion has no basis.

  22. Like "the DC cinematic universe is better than the MCU" while a valid opinion, is an incorrect statement.

  23. Didn't bother me before I first opened my eyes, doesn't bother me when I close them every night, won't bother me after I close them for the last time.

  24. It's just another step towards the decay of order and Western society...

  25. Worked security in night clubs. Guys and girls forced themselves on me all the time. I can handle myself so I didn't feel threatened. Mostly brushed it off and took it as a confidence boost. Sometimes though, people went too far. They get really angry and aggressive when you over power them and escort them out of the building for sexual harassment.

  26. If everyone settles on the initial asking price and no one haggles a anymore, why should they budge for you? The message here is, everyone should haggle for everything like they do in the eastern continents.

  27. Ngl I thought you were a dude in the original pic. Congratulations on the achieving the first 2 rules of success.

  28. They should open a category for performance enhanced athletes only. Only ban them for serious narcotics but allow hormone enhancers and steroids. Then we'll see the human body seriously pushed to the limit.

  29. Airborne pathogen genetically edited to target the human genome.

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