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  1. Jumping in to add on that nothing with a zipper should ever go in the dryer. Fabric shrinks, metal does not. That's why people walk around with hoodie and denim jean boners.

  2. That could still effect the marine life; even edible dies could have toxic effects on amphibians

  3. I mean even edible dyes approved by the FDA still have harmful effects.

  4. They’re all “wE aRe So cReATiVe!”

  5. Your avatar is cool, you’re funny, and your worldviews are intriguing, but you like spiders which is 100% damning

  6. Lol I only like the good spiders. And not necessarily on me or in my living space. 😇

  7. I do the same thing. And how he talks about Charlotte…

  8. I do 6 days a week right after work (around 5pm). I have a workout room at home so I usually watch a movie while I'm at it. I do Chest/tri, back/arms, shoulders/legs split. 2 days each. I always write down my workouts so i can see the progress in reps, weights, etc.

  9. Check out the app called FitNotes. Helps to track better than writing imo plus shows when you hit a new PR either by weight or reps. Helped me a ton

  10. What happened to all that stop drop and roll shit they taught us?

  11. Wrapped up in a fruit roll up is best. Matches texture, and masks flavor.

  12. They’re about to fucking melt down and it’s glorious

  13. And even not-shit originals. Disturbed's version of The Sound of Silence was praised by Paul Simon for being sung with the emotion the song deserved. Johnny Cash did such an unforgettable job with Hurt that Trent Reznor feels like the song isn't his own anymore.

  14. I feel like Tool did this with Zeppelin’s No Quarter.

  15. Absolutely it is. My favorite cover of all time.

  16. Then she be like “all cops are bastards!”

  17. I can’t help but pronounce “multi” in a certain way.

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